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      Sumalatha Ambareesh Talks About Troubled Times Of Life; 'Entering Politics Was Never On My Agenda'


      Sumalatha Ambareesh is currently gearing up for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Recently, she called a press meet to announce that she would be contesting as an independent candidate from Mandya. Considering Ambareesh's recent demise and the mixed reactions from the public regarding her entry into politics, it seems like Sumalatha is quite overwhelmed. She took to her social media handle to talk about the troubled times of life with her fans. She also went to say that entering politics was never her agenda. Read the complete letter below...

      Sumalatha Ambareesh Talks About Troubled Times Of Life

      "My dearest friends..As you all know ,

      The past four months have been some of the most turbulent and troubled times of my life . Life had plunged me into an abyss of darkness from which I felt at times I would not ever recover or survive , everything seemed and felt meaningless to me.. But out of the blue, an unknown force suddenly entered my life, one which has totally taken me by surprise ..the force of a collective will of people ..the people who have always stood loyally by him through thick & thin..who had stood by him over & over again while he was alive ..and stood rock solid even after he left us .

      This force has been an eye opener to me as to how much he was loved , how much he is missed ..during life and beyond.

      And the same force has reached out to me and touched me ..consoled me ..saying are not alone ..we are here to share your pain ..and we need you to share ours too.

      Events that happened thereafter have set me on an inevitable course, a new path , which I believe is the right way , to enable me to stand by the people who have given him so much through out his life and forever.

      As I am on the verge of embarking on a new journey, I am very aware that its a path filled with thorns and will not be a smooth one at all..some of you might question the direction I am headed towards , the difficulties that lie ahead , and the accompanying stress & difficulties to be faced..and and I appreciate all the loving concern from my dear friends and well wishers . But I feel this is something I need to do..for him ..for myself..for the tremendous love that poured in for Abishek & myself when we lost the person who was the centre our universe & without whom life seemed impossible & meaningless.

      Entering politics was never on my agenda in life , but sometimes you choose the moments in life and sometimes the moments choose you . This happens to be one of those moments..A moment where I have to choose between leading a peaceful existence for myself or take a new, unknown, scary& tough path for the sake of the very people who placed all their love and trust on Ambareesh from decades,whose pain on losing him was as deep and heartfelt as Abishek's & mine , who stood by me saying that come what may , they weren't prepared to let go of this bond yet. Who ensured that I never felt alone , who have welcomed me with open arms expecting nothing , but that I stand by them , for them ..the way they have stood by for Ambareesh forever , during his time and after too.

      After a lot of introspection , plenty of discussions with my closest and dearest ones.. a lot of impediments from various quarters & a lot of interaction in the very heart of Mandya , I have come to the conclusion that I need to do the right thing now .There is an easy way and there is a right way..but I need to take the right way .. I am very aware that the step I have taken now might not please everyone , might not suit some people at all . But if I dont do this now , if I dont stand by the people that Ambareesh loved from the depth of his heart , if I dont heed their request now ..I will be letting down my husband , his memory and everything he ever stood for and I am not prepared to do that.

      The people of Mandya , Ambareesh's legions of fans and followers are all part of us , part of our lives and I cannot look into their eyes filled with love and pain and be unmoved .

      Bowing to their request and wishes , I have decided to contest as an Independent candidate in the upcoming Loksabha elections from Mandya . This is my way of telling them that our emotional bond hasnt ended just because he isnt amongst us anymore now...his love will continue & this bond shall continue too.

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      Finally ... I am not doing this to prove anything to anybody , to challenge or oppose anyone either . I dont see it as a fight between me and anyone..I see it as a path to stand by and stand for his people , my people ..I am very aware of what I am up against..and during this course , if I have to take a few brickbats and face some unwarranted be it , I know I can face it with dignity , for this is a sacrifice I need to do for Mandya and their love . I am guided by Ambareesh's spirit and his principles of never stooping low in politics & life , his honesty and his uncompromising attitude under the toughest circumstances and hope to never. I wish to seek all your good wishes , support , blessings and prayers to protect and guide me on this new journey" - (sic)

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