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      Bigg Boss Kannada 7: Captain Shine Shetty Names The Best And Worst Performer Of The Week


      Day 96 on Bigg Boss Kannada 7 begins with some uplifting music and a message from BB radio. Bigg Boss announces that the Hudukaata task will be concluding in the next 10 minutes. Both the teams are seen making a last-ditch effort to locate the Rubix cubes. Eventually, Vasuki Vaibahav’s Damaruga team wins the task.

      This is followed by eliminated contestant Chandana Ananthakrishna making a surprise visit to the house. She is seen promoting her upcoming singing reality show, the actress will be hosting it for the very first time.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Towards evening, Bigg Boss announces that the weekly luxury budget task named Yudhha Kanda has officially come to an end. Captain Shine Shetty announces that Vasuki’s team have won the task by gaining six medals. The winning team along with the captain receive 2000 luxury budget points. Shine then names Kishen Bilagali as the best performer of the week. He reasons that Kishen’s effort was crucial in helping his team win the task.

      This is followed by Shine naming Kuri Prathap as the worst performer of the week. He points out that Kuri’s energy levels were a little low compared to other members of his team. The housemates accompany Kuri to the Bigg Boss jail. Priyanka Shivanna and Harish Raj were seen giving him company. They also decide to sleep outside the jail, but Kuri insists that they should head to the bedroom area.

      Meanwhile, Shine is seen explaining to Vasuki and Kishen that at this point in the game, no one is a 'worst’ performer. He only took the decision based on the outcome of the task. On the other hand, Harish is seen telling Priyanka and Kuri that jail punishment is the only aspect of the game he terribly dislikes.

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