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      Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Day 81 Written Update - Chandana Is Upset With Her Performance In The Task


      Day 81 on Bigg Boss Kannada 7 begins with music and a message from BB radio. Deepika Das and Priyanka Shivanna are seen discussing last night’s event organized by Bigg Boss. Vasuki Vaibhav is seen dealing with a sore throat in the kitchen.

      Bigg Boss announces the third phase of the weekly luxury budget task. Each housemate is supposed to tie a stocking containing an egg on their head. They need to preserve it till the end of the task whilst destroying the opponent’s eggs in order to win. Kishen Bilagali, Harish Raj and Chandana are quickly eliminated. Kuri Prathap and Bhoomi Shetty make it to the end, with Bhoomi eventually winning the task.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 7

      Soon the buzzer rings in the living room and Shine Shetty is assigned a task to earn personal luxury budget points. He is asked by Bigg Boss to give nicknames to all the housemates based on their performance and behavior in the glasshouse. Shine names Kishen as 'Dow Raja' and Bhoomi as 'Tawa fry' whilst naming Chandan Achar as Rowdy of the house. Everyone gives him thumbs up and he ends up earning 100 points.

      This is followed by Bigg Boss announcing the fourth phase of the task. Each contestant is given 5 balloons with their name on it. They need to cross a maze of wires in the activity area and tie their balloons on the other side. Other contestants are allowed to destroy their competition’s balloon. The one with the most balloons transferred will be crowned as the winner.

      Bhoomi goes on a rampage by blocking and bursting everyone else’s balloons. Deepika and Kuri manages to get a lead early on the game with three balloons each. Soon, the leading duo along with Bhoomi and Kishen join hands to stop the others from winning. On the other hand, the remaining competitors band together and help Shine win the task. Bigg Boss announces a tie-breaker round for runner ups Kuri and Deepika. Kuri eventually wins and acquires 200 points behind Shine who receives 400 points for coming first.

      Chandana breaks down after the task and starts sobbing. Shine and Bhoomi try to console her. She is upset about the fact that she is unable to perform well in any of the tasks. Shine says that she has got to have a positive outlook while Bhoomi reminds her that there is more game to come tomorrow.

      Later, the living room buzzer rings and Chandana manages to tap it first. Bigg Boss assigns her a task to cast the housemates in various roles mentioned by Bigg Boss in a movie based on the characteristics the contestants display in the house. She names Shine and Deepika as the hero and heroine. She names Bhoomi as the mother and Vasuki as the hero’s best friend. Harish and Chandan do not like the fact that she casts them as a guest star and a junior artist respectively.

      It will be interesting to see as to who would win the final day of the luxury budget task in the next episode.

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