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      Bigg Boss Kannada 8 April 5 Highlights: Housemates Get Divided Into Four Teams For Captaincy Contender Task


      The April 5 episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 begins with Prashanth Sambargi and Aravind KP burying their hatchet. Divya Suresh is upset with Prashanth for calling her Manju Pavagad’s tail in the house. She confronts Prashanth and he stands by his words and says she will thank him one day for showing her the mirror. In the meantime, Shubha Poonja and Manju are seen discussing Prashant’s constantly changing behaviour in the game.

      Soon, housemates receive their luxury budget items. However, since the losing contestants didn’t take their retribution seriously, Bigg Boss punishes everyone by confiscating the chocolates. He adds that since captain Manju was unable to do his duty well, the housemates will also be losing the chicken they earned in last week’s luxury budget task.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 8

      The next morning, Bigg Boss announces open nominations this week. He informs that one cannot take wild card contestant Chakravarthy Chandrachud’s name along with Nidhi Subbaiah who was directly nominated by Shankar Ashwath. Most housemates end up taking Prashanth, Aravind and Shamanth Gowda’s name. Bigg Boss asks captain Manju to directly nominate one contestant and he takes Rajeev Hanu’s name. Shubha is upset with Prashanth for nominating her.

      Later, Bigg Boss announces this week’s captaincy contender task. BB adds that the house will be divided into four teams. He asks Manju to choose the team leaders and he names Divya Suresh, Divya Uruduga, Rajeev and Aravind as the leaders. The selected contestants are then provided with ropes to fish for their teammates in the garden area. Shamanth and Vishwanath Haveri join Divya Suresh while Vaishnavi Gowda and Raghu Gowda end up in Rajeev’s team. Divya Suresh ends up with Chandrachud and Shubha while Aravind gets Prashanth and Nidhi.

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