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      Bigg Boss Kannada 8 April 7 Highlights: Prashanth Sambargi Gets Into Huge Argument With Manju Pavagad


      The April 7 episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 8 begins with the continuation of the captaincy contender task. For the unversed, the house is currently divided into four teams and each contestant has to figure out who might be the 'agent’ in the task.

      Soon, Bigg Boss provides the housemates with an opportunity to earn some cash for the game. The task entails four contestants passing a ball through the various obstacle in the stipulated amount of time. Aravind KP, Divya Suresh and Divya Uruduga perform well while Prashanth Sambargi struggles to with his portions. This makes the other three contestants calling him the agent as they lost the task.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 8

      This is followed by Bigg Boss providing another task where Shubha Poonja, Aravind, Vaishnavi Gowda and Vishwanath Haveri have to collected items whilst being tied to one another. The contestants name Vishwanath as the agent after the game on account of his less than stellar performance.

      Later, Bigg Boss calls Shubha in the confession room and provides her with a plate of chicken. She needs to keep it with herself until the next buzzer and cannot eat or it put down. She will have to pass the plate on to the next contestant and on completing the overnight task successfully, the housemates will get to eat chicken tomorrow.

      Chandrachud and Prashanth along with a few other contestants are seen having a good time in the swimming pool area. However, Divya Suresh asks them to lower their voice. This does not go down with Prashanth and he reprimands captain Manju for not stopping her from making the comment. A livid Prashanth calls Divya Manju’s girlfriend and this results in a huge argument. Prashanth also lashes out at Manju for calling him 'maava’ in spite of him not liking it. Soon, everyone intervenes and try calming down the altercation.

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