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      Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Grand Opening Live Updates: Nidhi Subbaiah, Chandrakala Mohan & Others Enter The House


      Bigg Boss Kannada 8, the highly anticipated show hosted by Sudeep is airing its premiere episode today (February 28, 2021) at 6 pm on Colors Kannada. The much-awaited eighth season of Bigg Boss Kannada is expected to bring some exciting surprises for the viewers. Kiccha Sudeep, with his ever-fabulous hosting, will be introducing all-new celebrity contestants who will make their grand entries into the much-talked-about house.

      Bigg Boss Kannada 8

      Here are the LIVE UPDATES of the Bigg Boss Kannada 8 premiere episode!

      6.00 PM: The show started with a scintillating dance performance. Sudeep makes a grand entry on stage. The actor welcomes the audience to season 8 of Bigg Boss Kannada.

      6.03 PM: He reveals that there will be three surprises in the opening episode itself. Bigg Boss gives a task to the host. He asks the actor to enter the BB house and hide a bunch of cricket balls in different areas of the house.

      6.09 PM: Sudeep completes the task and returns to the stage to introduce the first contestant. Former Bigg Boss contestants Niveditha Gowda performs on the BB stage.

      6.14 PM: Social media sensation Dhanushree is the first contestant of the season. She narrates her journey in her intro video.

      6.17 PM: Sudeep welcomes her on the podium and interacts with her. He asks her about her massive success and the reactions she gets from her audience. We are introduced to Dhanushree’s family members in the audience. Sudeep wishes her luck and sends the first contestant into the Bigg Boss house.

      6.26 PM: Sudeep then talks about the second contestant. He calls upon stage actress Aditi Prabhudeva to welcome the second housemate.

      6.30 PM: Shubha Poonja is the second contestant. Sudeep welcomes her on stage and asks her about how she is feeling. The actress confesses that she is nervous about entering the BB house. The host also speaks with her fiance and mother in the audience.

      6.35 PM: We then see the actress’ VT where she opens up about her bond with her mother. Shubha also addresses the various controversies she has been embroiled in and how she deals with the naysayers.

      6.48 PM: Shubha bids adieu to her family and enters the house. She meets Dhanushree on entering and explores the BB house.

      6.50 PM: Dhanushree finds the first ball which was hidden by the host whilst exploring the kitchen area. Bigg Boss informs the two contestants about the task. He tells Dhanushree that since she found the first ball, she will have to find all the remaining balls that have been hidden in the house.

      6.58 PM: Sudeep introduces the third contestant. Actor Shankar Ashwath joins the host on the stage. Ashwath narrates how Sudeep came forward to help his late father and veteran actor K. S. Ashwath during their tough time. He also talks about working as a Uber driver due to financial woes.

      7.09 PM: In the meantime, Dhanushree and Shubha manage to find 13 balls. Shankar Ashwath enters the house and meets the girls. They inform him about the task. Shankar finds another ball.

      7.16 PM Sudeep introduces the fourth contestant Vishwanath Haveri. The young singer first became a household name after participating in Haadu Karnataka, a singing reality show. Vishwanath comes on stage and wows the audience with a musical performance.

      7.23 PM Sudeep compliments him and informs the singer that he is the youngest contestant to enter the house in the show’s history. The host interacts with the 23-year-old’s parents.

      7.27 PM Dhanushree manages to find 16 balls with the help of the other two contestants. Vishwanath enters the house and meets the other housemates. He also manages to find the last ball. Dhanushree informs BB that she has managed to locate all the balls.

      7.36 PM Agnisakshi actress Vaishnavi is the fifth contestant of the season. Sudeep indulges in some fun banter with Vaishnavi and her parents. The host also reveals that the actress came on board for the show at the very last minute. Vaishnavi enters the house.

      7.50 PM Sudeep introduces biker Aravind KP as the sixth contestant. He makes a grand entry on his bike and meets the host. The actor inquires Aravind about his injuries. Sudeep then gives the contestant a flower bouquet and asks him to give it to any female contestant in the house. Aravind enters and meets everyone.

      8.05 PM Popular actress Nidhi Subbaiah is the next contestant. Sudeep introduces her with Nishvika Naidu’s performance.

      8.10 PM Nidhi meets Sudeep and opens up about her acting career in Sandalwood and Bollywood films. The host asks her about her preparation for the show. He even meets the actress’ mother.

      8.25 PM Former Bigg Boss Kannada winner Chandan Shetty welcomes the next contestant with his performance.

      8.29 PM Social media star Shamanth aka brogowda is the eighth contestant of season 8. Sudeep welcomes him and stage and asks him about his online series. They play a fun guessing game. Sudeep wishes him luck as Shamanth enters the house. He meets everyone and introduces himself to the housemates.

      8.46 PM Geetha Bharathi Bhat is the ninth contestant. The actress sings a fun number and meets Sudeep. We then get to see the actress’ video where she opens up about her weight struggles.

      8.52 PM Sudeep meets Geetha's family. Geetha enters the house and meets her co-contestants.

      9.02 PM Sudeep welcomes Majaa Bharatha fame Manju Pavagad as the tenth contestant. The comedian meets Sudeep and opens up about his quarantine time in the hotel before his Bigg Boss entry.

      9.11 PM: Manju introduces his family members to Sudeep and enters the BB house and bonds with his co-inmates.

      9.20 PM: Sudeep introduces Divya Suresh as the next contestant. The actress opens up about her personal and professional struggles before entering the glasshouse.

      9.27 PM: Former contestant Kishen Bilagali gives a stunning performance to welcome the next contestant.

      9.31 PM: Chandrakala Mohan is the twelfth contestant. The actress is most well known for role in Puttagowri Maduve TV series. She joins Sudeep and shares her happiness to be provided with such a big platform. Chandrakala also narrates her life struggles.

      9.42 PM: Sudeep interacts with Chandrakala's son and the actress does a wonderful impersonation of a drunkard.

      9.45 PM: The actress then opens up about her elder son, who met with an accident ten years ago. We also get to see his VT which leaves everyone emotional. Sudeep wishes the actress as she enters the house; Chandrakala receives a warm welcome inside.

      9.49 PM: Social media star Raghu Gowda aka Raghu Vine Store is the next contestant to join Sudeep on stage. Sudeep meets his family and wishes Raghu good luck before sending him into the house.

      10.03 PM: Sudeep introduces the 14th contestant Prashanth Sambargi. The contestant is an entrepreneur who is also very well known in the Kannada film industry.

      10.06 PM: Prashanth joins Sudeep on stage and opens up about his reasons for doing the show. Prashanth enters the house and meets everyone.

      10.14 PM: Anupama Gowda performs and introduces the next contestant. Actress Divya Urdurga joins Sudeep on stage. She shares her feelings about BB and joins everyone else in the house.

      10.34 PM: Sudeep welcomes the next contestant with Tiger Pradeep’s performance.

      10.39 PM: Actor and CCL player Rajeev as the next contestant. He joins Sudeep and we see his life journey in his video.

      10.47 PM: After Rajeev’s BB entry, Sudeep introduces the final 17th contestant, Nirmala Satya.

      10.53 PM: Bigg Boss welcomes all the contestants to the house. Sudeep wraps the grand premiere by bidding adieu to the audiences.

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