Bigg Boss Kannada 9 Premiere: The Official List Of The Eighteen Contestants

Bigg Boss Kannada 9 is premiering on Colors Kannada from 6 pm, today (September 24). The charming host Kiccha Sudeepa reprises his role. This season is expected to have a mixed bag of contestants some of whom are from he previous seasons and some who haven't been on Bigg Boss Kannada before. The top four contestants of the recent Bigg Boss OTT season are expected to be a part of season 9 as well. Watch this space for live updates of the event.

Arun Sagar Enters The House First


The star entertainer of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 entered the house of Season 9 before anyone else did. He was also the first contestant to enter the house of season 1. He was a fan favourite and the audience were rooting for him to win the title. He was not able to win it then. Let's see how luck works for him this time around!

Mayuri Kyatari


Mayuri Kyatari was the second person to enter the house. She became popular after her appearance in Ashwini Nakshatra, a Colors TV Serial. After appearing in it in 2015, she did a number of films. For her first film Krishna Leela, she was nominated for the IIFA and Filmfare awards for Best Actress. The actor got married on June 12, 2020 and her husband's name is Arun (not to be confused with the above mentioned contestant).

Deepika Das


One of the Season 7's finale contestant, Deepika Das stepped into the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9 house. She was asked by Sudeep, if she had the nervousness of the first Bigg Boss entry. She said although she doesn't feel the same kind of nervousness, she was still nervous all the same, but it was different from the previous time. The actor rose to fame for her appearance in the daily soap Naagini. Notably, she is a cousin of the KGF star Yash.

Nawaz, The Reviewer


The 19-year-old reviewer Nawaz, was as excited as he could be as entered the stage and stood next to Sudeep. Nawaz has a youtube channel where he does reactions and reviews to teasers, trailers, and films. While asked why the tag Saik is attached to his name, the young man said he just talks a lot.

Divya Uruduga


It was surprising when KP Aravind appeared on the stage with a performance but then ended up revealing Divya Uruduga as the contestant and not himself. Divya was a fan favourite of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, and Aravind was her housemate in the season. The two are believed to be appearing together in a movie soon.

Darsh Chandrappa


Model, actor, and entrepreneur Darsh Chandrappa has entered Bigg Boss house as a part of his journey towards becoming a successful actor.

Prashanth Sambargi


The hot-headed angry mand Prashanth Sambargi has come back for another season of Bigg Boss and this time he is determined to win the title. He is also planning to be a bit more approachable in this season.

Amulya Gowda


Amulya became a household name after she appeared in serials like Yaarigunti Yaarigilla, and now the diva has entered the Bigg Boss house. It should be noted that she cited Deepika Das as her favorite contestant from earlier seasons.

Roopesh Shetty And Sanya Iyer


The happening couple from the OTT season Roopesh and Sanya are back for another season.

Vinod Gobbaragola


The talented and funny Vinod Gobbaragola of Majaa Bharatha fame, has also entered the Bigg Boss house this season.

Neha Gowda


Neha has acted in serials across South India, and is a popular face among the Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil television audience.

Rupesh Rajanna


Actor, Mimicry artist, and activist Rupesh has entered the house with an intention to take his language-based activism forward. He aims to take this thoughts and ideas to a larger audience through this platform.

Aryavardhan And Rakesh Adiga


The other two finalists of the OTT season of Bigg Boss have entered the house as well.

Aishwarya Pissay


Aishwarya is an adventurous, confident, and brave racer, and she has entered the Bigg Boss hose eager to step into this social adventure.

Kavya Shree


A star of the serial Mangala Gowri Maduve, a show that is approaching a decade since it aired first, and still running, Kavya Shree has entered Bigg Boss Kannada Season 9.

Anupama Anandkumar


Anupama who was part of season 5 of Bigg Boss Kannada is back for season 9 and she believes that she is more evolved now.


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