From 10 Pass BMTC Bus Driver To A Popular Josh Creator: Ravi Mandya’s Journey Will Inspire You

Ravi Mandya Josh

Ravi Mandya, a BMTC Bus driver who only got a chance to study till 10th, is now flying high around the whole Karnataka as he discovered his inner talent to entertain people through his videos. Despite coming from a challenging background, driving everyday from Mandya to Bangalore for work, he uploads videos regularly and creates original content for Josh. "Campaigns on Josh are relatable to me. Motivates me to regularly participate" Ravi says. It is wrong to say that consistency is the key to his success!

In the beginning days of his struggle as a content creator, Ravi had no support from his family to pursue his passion. "People used to laugh at me after seeing my videos" He told. But he didn't stop chasing his dreams and eventually people started relating to his content slowly. When his content started getting popular, everyone started appreciating and asked him if they could act with him in his videos!

Talking about his struggle and achievements, Ravi Mandya said, "I love acting & I have always been keen to watch dramas & movies since my childhood. I tried to become an actor but it could not happen. That's why I chose this short video platform & became an actor."

Ravi is already set on a path where he has started giving back to the community. Ever since his videos started earning and he got famous, he proved that he is a true artist by uplifting his entire community of bus drivers. He celebrates his profession and motivates others through his videos too as is visible here -

Josh has a program named Creator Pro, which is designed to pay creators for any video which causes high engagement on the platform. This is unlike most platforms, most of which are remunerative only for creators who have millions of followers and/or who create videos for metro or top-tier audiences. While Ravi has 100k followers, Creator Pro also pays creators with very few followers or who are just starting out as creators - i.e. as long as the video engages users, they can earn from their very first video. This is perfect for casual creators from non-metro areas of the country who are just starting their journey as content creators.Through the launch of Creator Pro, 15K+ creators have earned money for their engaging videos.

Ravi is now earning well thanks Creator Pro, and he repays his loans which helps him and his family to overcome their financial crisis. He's also happy with his growth so far, as people now recognise and appreciate his videos.

Well, Ravi's story is indeed inspiring and he truly deserves all the success. There's a lot that social media can do in today's era. With the advent of digital India, it has opened doors to opportunities we never imagined!

Follow ravi on josh and see how his content connects with every common man!

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