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<i>Mungaru Male</i> - A gem among the rocks

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By: Subhash Subramanya
Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Mungaru Male has overtaken most of the Kannada movies to become the leading Kannada film in the recent past and is on its way to becoming the biggest audio hit in recent times. Can a good film be made with only some high technical values? This question comes to the mind whenever we see some films made with lot of grandeur and glitz but falling short of expectations because of weak presentation. Every one in the film industry agrees that the script is by far the most important part of a film and it is the foundation on which the entire strength of the product is built. But we see many young directors fall prey to technical values and think that well captured sequences and finely tuned choreographic numbers are the only essential ingredients of a film. The film under review, Mungaru Male (The monsoon rain) raises the same questions.

A city bred youth Preetham is so fascinated by a girl whom he sees that he unknowingly falls into a manhole. She helps him come out by pulling his hand.In the process, her fiancÉes watch falls down into Preetham's hands, which he takes a gift. To his surprise, he sees the same girl in distant Kodagu where he has accompanied his mother for a marriage. He realizes that he has come to attend the marriage of the same girl whom he is so fond of. While he is on his way back to city, Nandini calls him and challenges his love and provokes him to accept the challenge to try snatching her if he can.

On the way back to her home he finds a soft heartened silent friend Devdas (a rabbit) who listens to all his words/emotions unconditionally. He ends up at her home,helping her family with the marriage preparations which is just after 5 days away. Preetham makes those five days the most unforgettable and impressive for Nandu and her family, and gets his image firmly etched in her mind. Amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Jog Falls during the rainy season which has been captured beautifully in the movie, Nadu deeply falls in love with him.

Meanwhile Nandu's mom observes her daughter talking to a guy over phone she wants to elope with , leaving that arranged marriage. She comes to Preethu whom she thinks is the best friend of Nandu and pressurizes him to detect the guy whom she loves. Even though Preetham admits that he is the guy who loves Nandu, her mom doesn't take it seriously and walks away, leaving the hero in an emotional knot.The gullible hero ends up into another knot when the ex-army service man Mr. Subbaya (Nandu's father) gives him the responsibility of his daughter's marriage and asks Preethu to promise that he will make sure her marriage only happens with Army man Gautham who has saved Mr. Subbaya's life in a war.

After talking to his mom about his love, Preetham decides to go away and from her life. He starts behaving to her in a manner as if he played with her life and makes her get annoyed with him. He finds Gautham in a difficult situation and fights for him and makes him reach Nandu's home on time. He then turns back. Preethum wants to be with Devdas, so it is next to him inside the car when he turns back. He again starts discussing with Devdas about his love but finds that Devdas has breathed its last breath.

He just upholds the message that love is a charming magic but sacrificing for the sake of love is more adorable. The film rocks because of many good shots taken in the rainy season in the Karnataka's visually stunning Malnad area. This is one of the few Kannada movies to have run houseful for the matinee show on a working day at PVR Cinemas, Bangalore.

Music: NRI composer Mano Murthy has created magical music for the film which has become the toast for youngsters.

Photography : Krishna. The fantastic photography which makes the audience of Kannada supporters/admirers/devotees to come back for many more shows...!!!

Director: Yogaraj Bhat. Along with his direction has also given refreshing dialogues.

Producer: E.Krishnappa.

Hero: Ganesh (Comedy time)

Heroine: Sanjana Gandhi

Other roles were played by: Anant Nag, Padmaja Rao, Sudha Belawadi.

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