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Ninnade Nenapu - Review

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By: Prasad Naik
Monday, September 03, 2007

Like catches win matches, good screenplay accompanied by apt narration can lift a movie even from a mediocre stage. Screenplay is the soul of any movie. Few screenplays without saying anything convey everything. Few even after saying everything do not convey anything. Few demonstrate how a bad screenplay can spoil a good attempt.

The same thing has happened with Madan Mallu's Ninnade Nenapu. Apart from directing the movie he has written the screenplay too. The story starts with a message to the lovestruck college birds, loses it's tempo right from the beginning. Many directors have been following this trend of writing the screenplay themselves, thinking that they are the best persons to give a proper dimension to the movie. The same has backfired Madan

Vijay is a guy who sticks to the policy that one should not fall in love while studying and one should not study while in love. He is ahead in everything except in love. He is always ready to help friends in need. He even preaches the eloping couple in danger of attack by the mob, on the run!

Vijay once rescues his college girl from few rowdies who blackmail her by filming her in objectionable mode with hidden camera. A beautiful girl Shilpa mistakes him to be a rowdy while he was indulged in fighting with the blackmailers. She later realizes and falls in love with him. It is one way love, as Vijay is dead against love while studying. But Shilpa is under the impression that he also loves her, but never expresses her love to him. In fact, she does not know how to express it. She gets help in love training from her sisters siblings! My goodness!

Shilpa's sister threatens college principal of throwing him out of college if he fails to find out Shilpa's lover. Again the hero Vijay comes to the rescue to principal. Principal entrusts detective job to Vijay, instead of asking him to concentrate on his studies.

The story is not over yet. Vijay has a father. Vijay's father's says that his grand father fell in love at 10, his father at 13 and himself at 16, but he is not happy that his son has not yet fallen in love at 20. He pesters him to fall in love as soon as possible and save his family from embarrassment. Ultimately Vijay comes to know that Shilpa is loving him only through his father. Ever strong minded Vijay fumbles once he comes to know that
Shilpa is in love with him.

At the end what happens is... What is the point in telling the climax, I am not a 'Huchcha'. Please see the film and know yourself.

This is screenplay written by Madan Patel!

Madan has missed a golden opportunity of conveying right message to college going boys and girls. Instead he has resorted to love training through kids, shown college principal in bad shape who is supposed to bring the students on right track and ultimately he makes Vijay a weak minded person.

Mayur as VIjay has acted brilliantly though he needs to polish is dialogue delivery. Maya as Shilpa is good for nothing. Ananthnag in his given role is excellent.

Madan has symbolically shown tip of Kodachadri hill and the ridge. It is a pity that the sloppy screenplay slopes the film down the hill to disaster.

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