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Haage Summane - Review

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Haage Summane is the first directorial venture of Preetham Gubbi who rose to fame by writing the screenplay of the hit film Mungaru Male. But, the film fails to reach up to the expectations of the audience and remains as an average movie. The wafer thin story is narrated in a very ordinary way and the film lacks a strong core.

The story revolves around Preetham (Kiran) who belongs to a rich family. He does not excel in studies and is spoilt to the extent that he lies and does anything to enjoy a comfortable living. He sees himself as the perfect man waiting for his lady love. He thinks that he has met his dream girl when he sees Kushi (Suhasi). But, despite being rich and handsome, all attempts from him to win Kushi's heart fail disastrously.

Preetham is not disheartened by the cold attitude of Kushi towards him and even spends Rs. 50 lakhs on her through various ways. Kushi responds with outright rejection of his frivolous nature. In a final effort, Preetham begs for a chance to stay at Kushi's house for three days and prove that he is the best person for her to marry. Kushi agrees but Preetham emerges unsuccessful in the end. Kushi, on the other hand, likes Preetham but she does not want to marry him. Finally, she explains to Preetham that due to an ailment she is not able to have children and that is why she rejected him. But Preetham, as a true lover he is, does not turn back and says that he is still willing to marry her and that they can adopt children.

Suhasi is the find of the film. The actress puts forward a mature performance without the apprehensions of a new comer. Pretty and charming, she sizzles in songs and emotes well too. Kiran does not come up to the mark as hero and lacks the charms. Sharat Babu, Yamuna and Chandrasekhar have done justice to their roles.

Mano Murthy as usual has rendered some pleasant tunes for the film and Krishna's excellent cinematography is the only relief in this soulless film.

Direction: Preetham Gubbi
Production: Murali Mohan, Pramod, Santhosh
Music: Mano Murthy
Cast: Kiran, Suhasi, Chandru, Sharat Babu, Yamuna, Chandrasekhar

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