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      Mast Maja Madi - Review

      By Staff

      Producer Soundarya Jagdish has come up with a family entertainer full of fun and frolic in Mast Maja Madi. The film is a relief from the tearjerkers and violent movies that were released in 2008. As we already know, this is a remake of the Hindi film Dhamaal; like the original, Mast Maja Madi is a laugh riot without a single dull moment.

      The story revolves around four careless and fun-loving youths played by Vijaya Raghavendra, Nagkiran, Diganth and Komal Kumar who is dumb. By mere luck, the youths come to know about a secret location where a rich businessman (who died in an accident) has kept Rs. 30 crores in cash. The four youths set out happily to find the money but a policeman named Prathap (Sudeep) follows them. Prathap desperately needs a promotion and calculates that this is the finest opportunity that he could get to fulfill his wish so he chases the four youths. But after some time, the youths and Prathap join hands and strike a deal by which 60% of the money will go to the youths and 40% to Prathap. So all five continue their fun-filled journey to get the treasure.

      In the end, they manage to reach the place where the cash is kept and even take the cash, but to their surprise, they suddenly find themselves on the stage of a blind school where a function is in progress. When the youths appear with huge bundles of currency, the authorities on the stage believe that they have come to donate the money to the school. The youths, realizing the dismal condition in which the blind children are living, donate the whole amount for their welfare.

      The humourous film ends with a sensitive and sensible note which also contains a social message. Sudeep handles his role with maturity; Komal Kumar steals the show in what could be one of his best comedy roles. Vijay Raghavendra, Diganth and Nagkiran have successfully discarded their hero image and blended into their characters as simple youths. Jennifer Kotwal does not have an important role; she looks good in the song sequences.

      The dazzling item song of Upendra with 12 heroines makes a thrilling opening sequence; the other two songs by Balaji are also peppy. Director Anantha Raju has done justice to the original film Dhamaal by not deviating from the storyline and treating the film in the same style and fervour. Cameraman M.R. Seenu has done his job excellently and the song sequences are exceptionally well-captured.

      Mast Maja Madi is a must-watch; it will make you have a hearty laugh and forget the hustle and bustle of your day- to-day life.

      Director: Anantha Raju
      Producer: Soundarya Jagadish
      Music: Balaji
      Camera: M.R. Seenu

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