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Navagraha - Review

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The major attraction of Navagraha is that it features the sons of seven villains of Kannada Cinema in the main roles. Do you wonder why director Dinakar Toogudeepa came up with such an innovative idea? They all play roles with negatives shades. The heroes, or rather, the anti-heroes, are high profile thieves, each of them specialized in some field. Although the film has a striking resemblance with the Hollywood movie Ocean's Eleven, the similarities do not go deep enough to be termed a total copy.

Leading the pack of thieves is Jaggu, (Darshan) an intelligent and powerful crook who has been involved in some major robberies. When one of his international clients gives him the task of stealing the golden howdah from the Mysore Palace, he brings together eight other smart thieves, including two girls, for the heist. The team, assembling in a den, draws up plans using the latest technologies to enter the Mysore Palace through any of the three entrances.

The golden howdah is kept inside the palace only on Dassera (Ayudha Pooja) festival for certain rituals. The team, as planned, breaks into the Palace through the Simha Garjane entrance. They cleverly steal the golden howdah and replace it with a wooden one. Working as a team, they transport the golden howdah in a KSRTC bus. If they manage to carry it safely to the Mangalore port and hand it over to the smugglers, they stand to get 20 million dollars. But, as their endeavour is approaching success, each of the gang members start having their own thoughts of getting the deal for themselves. But the entire operation ends unsuccessful as the police party arrives in a helicopter and the gang members are killed in a quick gun battle.

The film lacks a captivating screenplay and the narration is disappointing at times. This is a film with an interesting plot, which could have been made thrilling with a tight script. Darshan deserves applause for his powerful performance in a negative role. He is a pleasure to watch as always and it is very brave of him to try out a negative role which may not go down well with his hardcore fans. The others in the gang Navagraha, Tarun Sudhir, Giri Dinesh, Srujan Lokesh, Nagendra Urs, Dharma Keerthiraj, Vinod Prabhakar, Sharmila and Varsha have displayed talent and can all look forward to their blooming individual careers.

Dinakar Toogudeepa has made a film with a difference but the narration is ordinary. V. Harikrishna's tunes and Arjun's background music is good; cinematography by Krishnakumar is superb.

Navagraha, although has several flaws in the screenplay, stands out for its interesting plot and challenging star Darshan's portrayal of a negative role which he has been wishing to do for some time.

Direction: Dinakar Toogudeepa
Production: Meena Toogudeepa
Banner: Toogudeepa Productions
Music: V. Harikrishna
Cinematography: Krishnakumar

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