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Vamshi - Review

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Puneet Rajkumar's Vamshi hit the theatres riding high on hopes generated from the fact that his previous nine films have been super hits. Moreover, his Milana has just completed a splendid 365 days run in the box office. But expectations are destroyed because Vamshi fails to impress due to the simple fact that instead of trying out new patterns in narration, the director has gone the commercial way and en route, destroyed the story.

Vamshi's (Puneet Rajkumar's) life revolves around his mother; his only dream in life is to become a cop. Working hard for his dream, he gets selected and appears for the final interview. But there is one black mark that stops the interviewers from awarding him the job. Vamshi is the son of a gangster. Losing control because his dream-job will not be given to him, Vamshi attacks the interviewers and he is thrown out, declared unfit for the job. Now, this bitter truth about his father that his mother has been hiding for a long time spreads everywhere but his love Sharada is not worried by it; rather, she stands by him steadfastly. A gang leader (who was his father's rival) takes this as an opportune time and attacks Sharada, who is severely injured.

Vamshi, who has a bad temper, resorts to weapons and retaliates furiously, much against the wishes of his mother. After the attack, police apprehend Vamshi and he is put behind bars. A local MLA arrives on the scene as his saviour and gets him released on bail. As the fight between the rival gang and Vamshi grows, the relationship between the son and the mother suffers deeply. By then the police are on the lookout for Vamshi, who has become the new underworld don and issues a shoot-at-sight order against him. But once Vamshi comes to know about the sufferings of his mother in the past, he decides to surrender to the police. The film has a little twist in the end when the mother mixes poison in his food. And like all masala films, Vamshi also ends on a happy note.

Puneet Rajkumar has (as usual) given a splendid performance as Vamshi; Lakshmi is perfect for the role of the mother. Beautiful Nikitha has more to perform than running around trees and she does justice to her role. Ravi Kale and Rajendra Karanth shine in their villainous roles.

The 'Thaayi Thaayi' song sung by Dr. Rajkumar in his film Hoovu Hannu is used in a very apt situation in this film. Krishna Kumar's cinematography is top class especially in action sequences. R.P. Patnaik has scored a few hummable tunes for the film.

In short, Vamshi is a typical masala film with action, sentiments and love to satisfy the average moviegoer.

Production: Parvathamma Rajkumar
Banner: Sri Chakreswari Combines
Direction: Prakash
Music: R.P. Patnaik
Cinematography: Krishna Kumar
Cast: Puneet Rajkumar, Lakshmi, Nikitha, Ravi Kale, Avinash, Rajendra

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