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Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi - Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Director AR Babu has now come out with a comedy movie called Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi, which stars Komal Kumar as hero. The movie seems to be an inspiration of Bollywood comic movies like Dhamal, Golmal and Welcome. Although the director has claimed it as his original Kannada movie, there are clear hints to prove that it is a remake of Bollywood movie Deewane Huye Paagal.

Story: Bottu Seenu, Ramu and Raghu are all friends. They are cheated by a finance agency. They fall in love with a neighbour girl Kamala, but they are disappointed when she leaves for Malaysia. With the help of Ganesh, Bottu Seenu manages to go to Malaysia. In his search for Kamala, what consequences he faces will form the rest of the story.

Merits: Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi was said to be launching pad for Komal Kumar to become the hero. Surely, he has done it. He has taken whole responsibility of the film on his shoulders. He shines all through the film with his punch lines. The movie has action, dance and glamour to prove him as an independent hero.

Nidhi Subbayya also rocks the audience with her glamour in songs. Comedy actor Sharan and Giri impress the audience. Umashri, Shobharaj and Mukyamanthri Chandru have also added spice to the comedy.

Besides Komal"s performance, Ashok Kashyap"s camera work is a highlight of the movie. It charms the audience with some fantastic visuals and frames. Manju Mandavya"s punch dialogues are another highlight. His dialogues reflect the contemporary events and trends. Balaji composed song 'Bejanagi Premisu" also rocks the audience.

Demerits: The major drawback of the movie is that the director has failed to maintain the tempo. Although the first half is quiet interesting, the second half, which is a bit dragging, bores the audience. The movie begins with comedy, but ends up with a disastrous second half.

The director has failed to do any rigorous script work. The movie has very few comedy scenes compared to Komal Kumar"s usual comedy in other films. The film suffers because of routine contents and evoking laughter from a famous comedy actor has not happened.

Although Nidhi Subbayya looks glamorous in song sequences, she fails to impress the audience in emotional sequences. Balaji"s music is another drawback of the movie. It has utterly failed to create interest among the audience.

Remarks: The movie Chamkaysi Chindi Udaysi could have been even better, if the director had done rigorous script work to maintain a good tempo in the second half. It is not director"s movie, but it is of Komal Kumar, who rocks the audience all through movie. He tries to win the show with his mannerism, when dialogues fail.

Comedy lovers should not miss the movie!

Producer: Shrinivas

Director: AR Babu

Cast: Komal Kumar, Nidhi Subbayya, Kiran, Rahul, Giri Dinesh, Umashri, Shobharaj and Mukyamanthri Chandru

Music: Balaji PB

Release date: July 3, 2009

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