Dubai Babu Review

    By By: Shekhar H Hooli

    Superstar Upendra has created a particular community of hardcore fans, who always like to see him in different and strange get ups with punch dialogues on bitter truth. Although it is said that his movies will have some kind of innovation, the core of the way he entertains the audiences remains same in all his movies.

    Naganna directed Kannada movie Dubai Babu features Upendra in 17 different get ups which seem to be ridiculous and going beyond the limit. Despite Upendra trying to excel in comic, hilarious and racy dialogue delivery, Keshava Adithya"s dialogues do not seem to carry any punch in it. A few dialogues are surprisingly boring in the film Dubai Babu.

    Upendra starrer Dubai Babu is a masala entertainer. It is a remake of Telugu super hit film Dubai Seenu. Although director Naganna has tried to undo the mistakes committed in the original, he has failed in keeping the interest of audiences in the first half, which is an utter chaos and there is no sense of continuity. If you are good enough to tolerate the first half, then surely you will enjoy the second half, which creates lot of curiosity for the audience with its secrecy and suspensions.

    Babu (Upendra) sets out for Dubai along with his five friends. But they are cheated by a trickster in Mumbai. While running a petty business for their livelihood, Babu comes closer to Vasundhara (Nikitha). When she disappears, he goes to Bangalore in search of Vasundhara, who is trapped in her uncle Inspector Kalaiah"s clutches. How Babu saves her and takes revenge upon Kalaiah will form the interesting part of the story.

    Director Naganna has brought lot of innovation and freshness in the story. He has tried to avoid unnecessary scenes that exist in the original as much as possible. He has used the comedy actors in a very compatible way. But he seems to have failed in handling the events in the first half with his confusing narration.

    Superstar Upendra rocks the show throughout the movie. He seems to be at ease in both comic as well as romantic scenes. Although he has put lot of stress in his speedy dialogues, it seems that many of his dialogues lack punch in it.

    Actress Nikitha looks very glamorous. She sizzles in song sequences, but there is much for her to improve. Bollywood babe Saloni has got smaller role, but has done it efficiently. Veterans like Kumar Govind, Dwarakish, Sunder Raj, Tennis Krishna, Satyajith, MN Lakshmi Devi and Ramesh Pandit have done their level best.

    Musician V Sridhar, who had rocked the audiences with his music in Mussanje Mathu, has failed to delivery melodious songs in the movie Dubai Babu. The songs have some original peppy tunes. Anil Xavier"s camera work and Keshava Adithya"s dialogues can be ranked as average.

    Cast: Upendra, Nikitha, Saloni, Dwarakish, Tennis Krishna, Sundar Raj, Kumar Govind, Satyajith, MN Lakshmi Devi and Ramesh Pandit
    Director: Naganna
    Producer: Shailendra Babu
    Music: V Sridhar

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