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Kalakar - Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Actor Harish Raj has proved his mettle by acting in many teleserials and in Girish Kasaravalli award winning movies like Dweepa and Thaayi Saheba. Besides playing full length actor's role, Harish has now taken another challenge of directing the movie Kalakar. He has penned dialogues for the movie.

Debut director Harish seems to be another Ramesh Aravind in selecting technical team in acting, songs and choreography. Although the movie has small lope wholes here and there, Harish seems to have managed well everything in an interesting way. The first half of the movie has a very slow pace and bores the audience, but the second half makes the audience sit tightly with its interesting twists and turns.

The movie seems to be an inspiration of Bollywood movie Fashion. Like Fashion, Kalakar also deals with a youngster, who sets out to become an actor and faces many troubles on his way to his goal. The movie Kalakar gives an authentic picture of the ecstasy and frustrations of the film industry also.

Despite his father"s (Avinash) protest, protagonist Harish sets out to become an actor, but is cheated by a director and faces a financial crisis, which leads him to become clap board assistant. Meanwhile, he falls in love with a film journalist (Radhika Gandhi). How he becomes an actor with the help of an actress (Suman Ranganath) will form the climax.

As a full length actor, Harish has given a brilliant performance in dialogue delivery and dance sequences. He has also played the malayalee girl very well. But he cannot be considered a perfect director. He is still a learner. He has failed to handle the climax. As a dialogue writer, Harish has not done anything exceptional.

The movie has two heroines. Suman Ranganath looks very glamorous. She has played her role more efficiently than another actress Radhika Gandhi, who needs to improve her acting skills to prove her mettle. Dwarakish and Avinash have played their roles efficiently.

Award-winning cinematographer HM Ramachandra's camera work is excellent. Debutant music director Giridhar Diwan has composed a few wonderful songs.

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