Josh Review

    By By: Shekhar H Hooli

    When Kannada film industry suffers from remakes and the movies about rowdyism and glamour that are misguiding the society especially youths, director Shivamani has come out with an original movie with a clear cut message to new generation. Shivamani"s movie Josh, which was titled as Jolly Hudugru, is purely a youth oriented movie.

    Although Shivamani"s previous movies were very rich in technical aspects, they had failed to rock the Box Office due to the weak script. Knowing the fact, Shivamani cancelled Kulashekhar's story, which was selected earlier and he himself has written the story and screenplay for the movie Josh.

    The specialty of the movie is that all the six new artistes Rakesh, Amit, Vishnuprasanna, Akshay, Alok and Jagannath were selected after an elaborate talent hunt that took nearly eight months time and a thorough training was given to them for few months and prepared them for the movie.

    The movie seems to be based on the real life incidents and it depicts aspirations, frustrations, adolescence, dynamism, confusions faced by a student. The director has mixed the real life incidents with the commercial elements in the movie Josh. It opens the eyes of the youths, who waste their precious time on useless things like love, rowdyism and addicting to drugs. It reminds the proverb that teen age is the golden moment in the life of a person.

    Rakesh"s character is real life character, who does exist among the modern teenagers. Like everyone, he also faces the problem of love. He is infatuated by two girls and forgets his study. He wakes up in the end to warn the forthcoming generation not fall prey to love and other modern fashionable things. He requests them to concentrate on their studies and respect their parents.

    The story of the movie is all about Rakesh, who joins Pre-University College along with his friends. His friends concentrate on their studies, while he falls in love with Meena, but she ignores him. He tries his luck with another girl Meera, who also realises his aimless and wayward behaviour and denies to marry him. The movie ends with Rakesh realizing his mistakes.

    Hats-off to director Shivamani! He has done a wonderful job. The movie Josh is a clear witness to his creativity and innovative style of narration. The movie breathes a new life in Kannada films with its originality and a touch of real life.

    Newcomers Rakesh, Amit, Vishnuprasanna, Akshay, Alok and Jagannath have given a wonderful performance. Robo Ganesh, Mandya Ramesh, Karibasavaiah, Mandip Rai, Srinivasa Prabhu, Thulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belawadi have also contributed to run the tempo successfully by doing their best.

    Santhosh Kumar Pathaje, who had earlier cranked the camera for the film Savi Savi Nenapu for Babu, has really done a magic with his camera. Another highlight of the movie is the music of debutant music director Vardhan. His music has already created a big hype to the movie.

    Besides being an entertainer, movie josh is a moral lesson to the youths. It seems that Shivamani had done the movie to teach a lesson to the misguided students. I am sure that cinema goers, especially youths will be touched by the movie and sure to learn a good lesson from the movie.

    It can be said that it is a must watch movie for teens and they are requested not to miss the movie.

    Producer: S V Babu
    Director: Shivamani
    Cast: Shivamani, Rakesh, Amit, Vishnuprasanna, Akshay, Jagannath, Alok, Robo Ganesh, Mandya Ramesh, Karibasavaiah, Mandip Rai, Srinivasa Prabhu, Thulasi Shivamani, Sudha Belawadi
    Music: Vardhan

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