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Venkata In Sankata - Review

By: By: Prasad Naik (Translated by Shekhar H Hooli)
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Ramesh Arvind has once again proved that he is not only a comedy actor, but also a wonderful director. Venkata In Sankata is a string of laughter and the directer has picked fresh flowers and weaved a beautiful garland.

Kannada audiences had a complaint that this year there were no comedy films, but Ramesh has presented those audiences a beautiful comedy. Venkata in Sankata is not only a festival of laughter, but it is also a tsunami of laughter. The movie is a laughter show right from the beginning to the end. Though the director has got tight grip on the story of the first half, it seems that he has dragged a little in the second half.

Hats up to Ramesh, who has created wonderful scenes only to laugh the audiences. Ramesh has tried to squeeze out the stored laugh in the stomach for year with different comic scenes in the first half. The scene of the terrorist attacking shopping moll, Sharmila Mandre using snake to trouble the police (Ramesh), the scene of Venkata, police Pandu and Venkata's granny chasing the terrorists.

As a string puller, Ramesh has used every artist in a wonderful way. He has brought back Umesh, who was not visible on the screen for years. On one hand Ramesh's narration, PKH Das' camera, Rickey Kej's music and all the actors timely action play the magic. And on other hand punch dialogues rock the audiences.

Besides using all the characters, instead of putting more weight or concentration on one character Ramesh has tried to share it with all the characters. Devdas Kapikadu, who has played the police, snatches all the credits of Venkata. Neither his mannerism seems beyond imagination nor his comic action seems ridiculous. Umesh has played a granny, which is a feast to comedy lovers. Mukyamanti Chandru, Karibasvayya, Kashi Dattanna, Umashri have lived up to their roles. Terrorist Rajendra Karant seems more than a real thief.

Actress Sharmila Mandre has once again proved that she is a mere glam doll. She steals the heart of youth through the song 'Chitapata Malehane....'. Though it seems that she has many weakness, shaking of her body compensates everything. In the second half, actress Meghana has also done well, but Anusha seems absent.

Ramesh could have got more grip on the scenes in the second half. He could have reduced Ravivarma directed stunt scenes a little. Instead of continuing laughter show, he could have given more focus to serious action. Except these weaknesses, as a director Ramesh has won the game. Everyone is requested to keep their troubles aside and watch the troubles of Venkata (Venkata in Sankata).

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