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Yaaradu – Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Earlier, Leelavathi has produced two Kannada movies like Kannadada Kanda and Shukra. Kannadada Kanda did well at the Box Office and it ran for 100 days. Although Shukra was also a good movie, it failed at the Box office. Now, Leelavathi has come up with another movie called Yaaradu (Yaradu, Yaaradhu), which features her son Vinod Raj in lead role.

The movie Yaaradu is a suspense thriller movie. The movie has a fresh story line with good narration. Director Shrinivas Kaushik has weaved the movie in a wonderful way by using all possible elements like sounds of doors opening and closing, rustling of dry leaves and eerie silence to make it a creepy.

The first half is full of thrills with its fast paced narration. But immediately after the interval the movie takes serious and slow pace. The second half tests the patience of the audiences. The director could have done little more homework to make the movie more interesting in the second half.

Mary (Dr Leelavathi) is a cook at a guest in Bhimana Kuppe, a tourist spot near Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district. Five college friends Viji, Ganesh, Anand Raj, Satish and Raju visit the guest house. But three of them disappear before they leave back. Police Inspector Prathap (Vinod Raj) is assigned to unravel the mystery. 

Senior Kannada actress Dr Leelavathi has done a challenging role at seventy and she rocks the audience. As a police officer, dance king Vinod Raj has given a wonder performance, but it seems he is not the hero of the movie. He enters just before the interval. And even after the interval the movie does not revolve around his character.

As Viji, Suman Jadugar has given a creditable performance. Actress Ashwini does not have much scope to prove her mettle. She appears in a song sequence just to show her glamour. All other artistes have also done justice to their roles.

Director Srinivasa Kaushik has done a wonderful job in his debut venture Yaaradu. His dialogues and screenplay are just superb. Dr. Leelavathi and her son Vinod Raj"s performance is the Highlight of movie. It is also perfect in its technical aspects like graphics, background music and camera work. Anil"s music and Nagesh Acharya"s camera work are the other highlights of the movie.

Yaaradu comes as a surprise to the Kannada audience when the industry is suffering from remakes. Everyone should watch it and encourage Dr. Leelavathi and her son Vinod Raj's bold attempt.

Producer: Dr. Leelavathi

Director: Shrinivas Kaushik

Cast: Dr Leelavathi, Vinod Raj, Suman Jadugar, Ashwini and others

Music: Anil

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