Porki – Review

    By By: Shekhar H Hooli

    Director MD Shridhar has finally come out with his movie Porki after delaying it for Late Dr. Vishnuvardhan's movie. It is a remake of Mahesh Babu-Ileana starrer Telugu movie Pokiri. Although the director has been very honest to the original Telugu movie Pokiri, Challenging star Darshan Tugudeep's action-packed sequences rock the audience.

    Like original, the movie Porki has a very thin storyline, which is about an undercover cop who begins to eliminate the underworld by working amongst them. The highlights of the movie are Darshan's energetic performance, Ravivarma and Palani's fights, Sadhu's comedy and V Harikrishna's music and amazing picturisation.

    Porki a.k.a. Datta a.k.a. Suryanarayan [Darshan], who is an undercover cop, is a hardcore gangster and sharpshooter. Getting into the underworld as a killer, he goes on wiping out rowdy element one by one. Meanwhile, he comes across a girl (Praneetha), who professes her liking for him. What happens next will form the climax of the story.

    Darshan has given excellent performance as a Porki. He rocks the audience with his dialogue delivery, fights and comedy. Praneetha looks cute and sexy and has also done a wonderful job. Sadhu Kokila, Tennis Krishna and Sharan win the show with their comedy. Devraj, Shobraj, Sharat Lohitashwa, Dharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sangeetha Shetty, Avinash have done their best.

    Harikrishna's music is another highlight of the movie Porki and a couple of songs impress the audience. Camera work is also excellent.

    Finally, it can be said the Porki is an action-packed movie, which is a notch better than Telugu version in action. It is big treat for Darshan fan's

    Producer: Dattatreya Bachhegowda

    Director: MD Shridhar

    Cast: Darshan, Praneetha, Devraj, Shobraj, Sharat Lohitashwa, Dharma, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sangeetha Shetty, Avinash

    Music: V Harikrishna

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