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Thipparahalli Tharlegalu - Review

By: By: Shekhar H Hooli
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Director SV Rajendra Singh Babu, who has earlier done successful comedies like Kurigalu Sir Kurigalu and Kothigalu Sir Kothigalu, has now come out with another satirical comedy. His latest movie Thipparahalli Tharalegalu deals with several civic issues and mocks the current political systems of India.

Thipparahalli Tharalegalu is a political satire. Despite having talented actors like Komal Kumar, S Narayan, Om Prakash Rao, Ambareesh and Umashri, the movie fails to make an impact on the audience. The Director is the whole and sole responsible for this failure. He has chosen an illogical script, in which several sequences do not have cohesive relationship between one and another sequence and many of them seem to be forced in it.

The film has more number of minus points than merits. The weak scripts, terrible narration, low technical values and uninteresting dailogues will contribute in making it a terrible movie. Komal's timely comedy and Ambareesh's performance as Kanwarlal are the only solace to audience in the film. At least proper excution of Om Prakash Rao and S Narayan's roles would have made the movie even more interesting.

Washer-man (Om Prakash Rao), tailor (Komal Kumar) and barber (S Narayan) are friends, who are staying in a neglected ward. They want to lead a decent life, but they are unable to repay the loan. They decide to take things in their own hands when they lose the boy, whom they are bringing up, due to neglected civic project. They burgle unaccounted money from a minister's house, but do not know how to put that money for good use. How they take the help of Kanwarlal to realise their boy's dreams will form the rest of the story.

Komal Kumar impresses the audience with his timely comic performance. Ambareesh has also given wonderful performance, but he seems nervous to play his role in several sequences. Despite giving good performance, Om Prakash Rao and S Narayan fail to win the heart of viewers that is due to the week script. Umashri, Dodanna and Sadhu Kokila have done justice to their respective roles.

There is nothing much to talk about MN Krupakar's music and background score, which are complete let down. BL Babu's camera work is good.

In a nutshell, the director has failed in selecting a good script, and his poor presentation is another set back in creating interest among the audience. The movie can be ignored

Producer: SV Rajendra Singh Babu

Director: SV Rajendra Singh Babu

Cast: Komal Kumar, Ambareesh, Om Prakash Rao, S Narayan, Umashri, Dodanna, Sadhu Kokila

Music: MN Krupakar

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