Ullasa Utsaha – Review

    By By: Shekhar H Hooli

    Producer BP Thyagaraj's Kannada movie Ullasa Utsaha, which was ready for release even before Golden star Ganesh's movie Maleyali Jotheyali and was delayed for some reason, has finally hit the screens across the state today. It is a remake of Telugu movie Ullasamga Utsahamga, which had rocked the Tollywood Box Office.

    Ullasa Utsaha is a romantic story. It is a slapstick comedy and it has a host of the comedy artistes. The main highlight of the film is 'Comedy Time' Ganesh's performance. The other plus points of the movie are GV Prakash Kumar's music, Seetharam's camerawork, Devaraj Palan's dialogues, costumes and choreography.

    The movie has a thin storyline, but director Devaraj Palan is successful in making it very interesting. The story is all about how an irresponsible young boy tries to woo a girl. With his tight gripping narration, the director has managed to engage the minds of the audience and nowhere the movie bores the audience.

    The first half of the movie is full of comic sequences and this comedy arises for the hero's attempts to impress the heroine. The story takes a new twist with a fight sequence at the end of the first half. Even though there are a few comic sequence in the second half, it is very serious and emotional. Especially, the climax is very sentimental and moves the heart of the audience.

    Preetham (Ganesh) is a happy go lucky boy and is the youngest son of a garage owner (Rangayana Raghu). He is attracted by a girl called Mahalakshmi (Yami Gautam), who also stays in his locality. He tries every possible way to impress her, but she is in love with her childhood friend and considers Preetham as a nuisance. Whether she will meet her childhood friend or offers her heart to Preetham will form the climax of the movie.

    Ganesh rocks the show as happy-go lucky boy. He has shown lot of energy in fight and dance sequences. He impresses the audience with his comedy. Yami Gautam has also lot of scope in the movie and she has done justice to her role. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Tulasi Shivamani and Preethi Chandrashekar has also lived up to their respective roles.

    GV Prakash Kumar's music is another highlight of the film. Almost all the songs are interesting to listen. Especially, the songs like 'Chalisuva Cheluve..., 'Love Maade Nanne... and 'Chakkori Chakkori...' will haunt the minds of youths even after they leave the theatre. The selection of costumes and locations for the song sequences is wonderful. Seetharam's cinematography is also a plus point of the movie.

    Ullasa Utsaha is a big treat for Ganesh fans and it has all the commercial elements to impress the mass audience too. But the movie has few challenges. Firstly, it is a remake of Ullasamga Utsahamga, which has already been seen by many Kannada viewers. Secondly, Puneet starrer Prithvi, which was released last week, is making it a big without any publicity. Finally, Aaptha Rakshaka is still running in nearly 75 theatres across the state. Now, only time will decide the future of Ullasa Utsaha.

    Producer: BP Thyagaraju

    Director: Devaraja Palan

    Cast: Ganesh, Yami Gautam, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Tulasi Shivamani and Preethi Chandrashekar

    Music: GV Prakash Kumar

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