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I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona - Movie Review

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I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona, which made it to the headlines for its lip-lock controversy, has finally hit the screens across the state. In his first attempt, director HP Ravindra Das has proved that he is a good director cum story teller. This movie is a good comeback for Lovely star too.

I Am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona is a family drama. It has a wonderful story and screenplay. Prem Kumar, Karishma Tanna and Sanjjana's performances, Anoop Seelin's music, Guruprasad's dialogues, Ashok Kashyap's camera work are the major highlights of the film.

Ravindra is an intelligent director, who has understood the taste of movie buffs well. He has made several deliberate attempts in his story, screenplay and directions to reach the expectations of the viewers. He has handled each artiste and technical department carefully and tapped out the good work from everyone.

Shyam (Premkumar) and his wife Chetana (Karishma Tanna) are leading a happy and contented life. Their life is going in a smooth pace until Shyam finds a mobile, which introduces him to a high tech brothel owner Sinchana (Sanjjana). As he goes to give the mobile to Sinchana, situation leads him to take a challenge from her. While he is on his way to meet the challenge, circumstances once again force him to doubt his wife to be a prostitute. What happens next will form an interesting part of the film.

Prem Kumar is the showman in the film and he becomes closer to the viewers in every sequence. His on-screen chemistry with Karishma Tanna is really a treat and they look like made for each other. Sanjjana definitely impresses the audience with her expressions. Tabla Naani has done a wonderful job as a narrator. Amritha, Anand, Dilipraj, Krithika, Vinayaprasad and Sumithramma are also good in their respective roles.

In the technical front, Anoop Seelin's music is the major highlight. His compositions like 'Onchuru Kotbide…,' 'Tangali Mykodavi…,' 'Yee Preethi Subanallah…,' and 'O Darling Nangu…' are very good to listen. Guruprasad's dialogues are philosophical, romantic and comic and they surely add meaning to the film. Ashok Kashyap's camera work is a feasting to the eyes of viewers.

I am Sorry Mathe Banni Preethsona is a wonderful movie by a debutant director HP Ravindra Das. The movie has its own standards in acting as well as technical stuff. It can be watched by everyone.

Producer : Vinay Narkar

Director  : HP Ravindra Das

Cast        : Prem Kumar, Karishma Tanna, Sanjana, Amritha, Anand, Dilipraj, Tabla Naani, Krithika,                           Vinayaprasad and Sumithramma

Music      : Anoop Seelin

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