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Rajadhani - Movie Review

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KV Raju-Sowmya Sathyan's much-expected Kannada movie Rajadhani has finally graced the theatres today (June 3). This underworld film has a strong message to youngsters and their parents. Although this message has been on screen many times earlier, it still has relevance for the present generation and has been carried out in a very entertaining way.

Rajadhani is an action thriller and the energetic performances from actors like Yash, Sathya, Chethan, Ravi Teja and Sandeep are the major attractions of the film. Arjun's music, HC Venu's camera work and KV Raju's punch dialogues are the other highlights. But it should be said here that youngsters are often carried away by the ideas showed on the screen. So the wrong activities of the film may easily mislead the crazy young crowd.

The movie is about five wayward youngsters, who take wrong paths in life to earn quick money. The narration of the story is very dynamic and there is not a single moment in the movie that will let the audience for rest. The movie takes on corruption and it has enough scope for commercial elements.

Raja, Jaggu, Dhamu, Nithyanand and Chetan (Yash, Sathya, Chethan, Ravi Teja and Sandeep) are wayward youths, who have a wrong notion that only money commands respect. They choose wrong paths to make quick money. They give deaf ears to their parents. They kill a notorious rowdy Benki Mahadevu for money, which leads them to establish their own empire. What happens next will form the crux of the film.

Lover boy Yash has taken up action in the film and he has delivered awesome performance in stunts. He has taken the risk of plunging from 24th floor. Other lead actors like Sathya, Chethan, Ravi Teja and Sandeep have delivered equally good acting. Prakash Raj does not have enough scope. Ramesh Bhat, Achyuthkumar, Arunsagar, Raju Thalikote, Umasri have given justice to their roles.

Rajadhani has rich production values and the music of Arjun Janya, who has scored five songs, is the major attraction of them. The movie has melody and peppy songs and the song 'Tightu Tightu...' will surely impress the youth. HC Venu's cinematography is fantastic. KV Raju's dialogues have lots of punch in them. But the use of words like 'Ayyan' and 'Bholimaga' misguide youth.

Overall, Rajadhani is a good entertainer with an appealing message. But the youth should take it in the right spirit. Enjoy the movie this weekend!

Producer : Soumya Sathyan

Director  : KV Raju

Cast         : Yash, Chetan Chandra, Sathya, Sandeep, Ravi Teja, Sheena Shabadi, Prakash Raj,                                Ramesh Bhat, Thulasi Shivamani, Achyuth Kumar, Arun Sagar, Petrol Prasanna, Umasri,                          Biradar and Raju Thalikote

Music       : Arjun Janya

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