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Addhuri Movie Review

By: By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Addhuri, the launchpad of Dhruv Sarja (Brother of Chiru Sarja and nephew of Arjun Sarja) has been in the making for a few years now. The film unit took its own time to complete the project to ensure that the film is nothing less than the best. It started getting noticed after the music of the film composed by V Harikrishna got released with quite a few songs becoming chartbusters and generating a huge hype around film. Now, let us see whether their efforts have come to fruition. Read on for the review...

The director starts off the proceedings by taking us to a railway station to introduce a couple, Arjun and Poornima, who were on the verge of breaking up, and the leading lady wants to leave once and for all to Delhi. But the hero's trick makes her to postpone her journey by a week and Arjun, in order to win her back, requests Poornima to join him in visiting those places, which have been special to them.

On hearing his words, Poornima decides to be with him, but only after he agrees for all her terms and conditions. In the next seven days, Arjun does his best to rekindle the love. During the process, Tarun (Tarun Chandra), who is the groom chosen by Poornima's father, arrives in the film. What happens next should be seen on-screen. However, the director does not reveal why their relationship got into trouble till the climax.

AP Arjun has made a youthful story with all necessary commercial ingredients in mind. It is a modern-day tale told in a simple yet interesting manner. But he takes quite a long time to arrive at the main plot. However, the first half is engaging and there lies a good amount of entertaining elements. However, at parts, the movie looks draggy and it could have been a lot more interesting affair if it was made crispy.

Performance wise, Dhruv Sarja has come out with flying colours. He impresses the audience with his abilities to dance and fight with ease. He is energetic all through the film and that remain one of his highlights. But the drawback is that his expressions, which at some scenes, are not up to the mark and he has to work a lot on this aspect. His co-star Radhika Pandit is good and has played her part well. Tarun Chandra, in extended guest role, leaves an impression on the minds of audience. Rest other characters are okay.

Technically, the film justifies its title: Addhuri, as the movie is rich in visuals and music. Soorya S Kiran's cinematography is excellent. V Harikrishna has given a couple of good tracks with 'Thu anth...' track standing out as the triumph card. Ravi Verma's stunts and Imran Sardhariya-Harsha's choreographies are praiseworthy. Finally, director Arjun, who has penned the story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics, get full marks for dialogues, which is one of the highlights of the movie.

Verdict: Addhuri gets 3 out of 5.

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