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Anna Bond: Review

By: By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Three things which will remain in your mind once you come out of theatre after watching Anna Bond are: Action sequences, dances and performances of Puneet Rajkumar and Rangarayana Raghu. Well, despite the storyline being wafer-thin, Suri's screenplay succeeds in making audience to sit and watch the movie till the end.

The crime activities in the city dramatically drop with the arrival of a man called Anna Bond (Puneet Rajkumar) creating sensation and bringing relief to the people. The surprising point is that the goons shockingly admit their mistakes in public raising a serious debate in the media. Now, a flashback takes us to Anna Bond alias Bond Ravi's past, where he sees Meera (Priyamani) for the first time and falls for her at the first sight. It also introduces us to his sidekick Chapathi aka Chapathi Babu and Meera's sister Divya (Nidhi Subbaiah).

By the end of first half, the bond between Ravi and Meera gets stronger and drug mafia Charlie (Jackie Shroff) arrives in the the second phase. The baddie tries to attack Major Chandrakanth (Avinash), who is the father of Meera and Divya, but Ravi saves him. The real story of the movie begins now, where an ordinary man turns Anna Bond. The remaining part should be seen on-screen.

As I mentioned above, the storyline is thin and only in the second half it gets connected with the title of the film. It is director Suri's screenplay backed with wonderful dialogues that make the audience sit in their seats. In the second half, the narration involving Puneet Rajkumar-Priyamani is draggy. However, the director, who exposed the big, bad world of human trafficking in Jackie, throws light on drug mafia in Anna Bond.

Puneeth Rajkumar is stunning in Anna Bond. Especially, the Power Star has done relentless action sequences and gets full marks for his ability to do stunts without using body double. More importantly, he impresses the audience with his dancing prowess in the songs like 'Tumba nodbedi...', 'Boni aagada...' and 'Kaanadante...'. Rangarayana Raghu has given an excellent performance. He shines throughout the film with hilarious one-liners. Priyamani shares more screen-space than Nidhi Subbaiah and the Bond girls have done their best. Jackie Shroff, despite arriving in the second half, looks good and justifies his presence. Other characters like Avinash, V Manohar etc., are limited and they are okay.

Technically, Anna Bond is brilliant. The fight sequences have been shot with art and finesse by Different Danny and Ravi Varma. The gyrations of choreography by Imran Sardhariya lure the audience to the screens. Cinematographer Sathya Hegde has done great job with his camera and Deepu S Kumar's editing is apt. V Harikrishna's music has already won the hearts and his background score is explosive.

Verdict: Anna Bond gets 65 out of 100 and undoubtedly his fans will like it. Director Suri could have done better by making the film crisper. Watch out for Puneet Rajkumar-Rangarayana Raghu's performance and wonderful dialogues. And yes, how can we forget this: Puneet Rajkumar's pure beefcake appeal in the climax.

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