Crazy Loka Review

    By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

    Fans of Ravichandran were eagerly waiting for his third release (Narasimha and Dashamukha being others) of the year, Crazy Loka, hoping that it could turn around things and give him a much-needed break. But unfortunately, the latest movie has also met the same fate. Kavitha Lankesh's film, despite scoring brownie points in some technical departments, dies a death with poor screenplay playing the spoilsport.

    The Mysore University felicitates Basavaraj Kattimane (Ravichandran) with honorary doctorate for his social work and his contribution for the welfare of the society. Being an illiterate, he struggles to speak at the function and takes the help of his secretary Harihara (Ninasam Ashwath) to mouth some words. Shetty's (Srinivas Prabhu) blood boils seeing an illiterate getting the doctorate and insults Basavaraj at the function claiming that his money power has won him the honour and not his social concerns.

    His words hurt Basavaraj and makes him to join a college to get at least a Pre University Certificate. But his son played by newcomer Surya, as expected, is not happy and he opposes the very idea of pursuing education. However, his son agrees half-heartedly after Basavaraj agrees for all his conditions and promising that he abide by his words. Then, we are introduced to principal of the college (Avinash), psychology lectures (Daisy Bopanna) and Harshika Poonachha, who is in love with his son.

    Crazy Loka has shades of Shahrukh Khan's Main Hoon Na. Unlike the Hindi film, the Kavitha Lankesh directorial film is not engaging. The first half is decent but runs on the expected lines. In fact, when Ravichandran enters the college, the audience mood changes expecting that the things could be better and entertaining. But sadly never meets their expectation. In the second half, the director's narration is draggy, and poorly written sub-plots does no help to the sinking ship. Last but not the least, Ramya appears with a special number, which neither helps the storyline nor it has been well-shot. Nonetheless, it gives an opportunity for the masses to blow the whistles in the dull moments.

    Ravichandran's looks in the film is good and the character played by him suits his age and personality. The lavish outfits and stylish hairdo are attractive. His love interest Daisy Bopanna is okay and newcomer Surya has done a decent job. However, Harshika Poonacha is good in her limited role. She is part of a few tracks and leaves an impression on the audiences mind, her girl-next-door image. Avinash is excellent and Bharathi Vishnuvardhan is good. The remaining characters are okay.

    Technically, two songs composed by Manikanth Kadri like 'Jagavidu summohaka...' and the title track are good. AC Mahendran's cinematography is praiseworthy.

    Verdict: Crazy Loka gets 2 out of 5.

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