Sidlingu - Movie Review

    By By: Prakash Upadhyaya

    A beautiful tale, extraordinary dialogues and good songs assembled in a well-knit manner is the outcome of Yogish aka Loose Maada's Sidlingu. The romantic-drama, which also features Ramya, is charming but coated with double entendre, which may not go well with family audience.

    Sidlingu (Yogish) briefs his early age set in a village near Maddur. His love to sit in a car, which makes him to connect with those people who own it, gives clear indication about his desire to posses a car someday in his life. His puppy love and accidental sex with his lecturer Andalamma (Suman Ranganathan) will be narrated in the first 30 minutes.

    Mangala (Ramya), who is a teacher, arrives in her life after he lives his native following his parents death. Sidlingu's one of the qualities has to be discussed here, as it is the highlight of his character in the movie. He is as straightforward as you think when he tells Andalamma that he likes her chest, when the lecturer asks him what he loves in her. You may call him a dirty or a plain-hearted man that really does not matter because he is loved by the people for his straight talks. However, the car factor plays a crucial part throughout the story. In fact, it is the element which leads the tale forward. The remaining part of the story tells about, from whom he buys the car and what happens after owning it, which should be seen on-screen.

    The story, in the early part, gives you a surprise, and the flow of the tale is bit slow. The audience will be obviously surprised to see Yogish in such a subject, which is neither a mass film nor a class outing. In fact, it has the content of both the categories that leaves the audience whether it is targeted at the first bench cine-goers or the family audience.

    The dialogues are the big plus of the film. At parts, especially the below-the-belt ones, the audience may get a feeling of vulgar but whatever it is, the viewers seem to love what it is mouthed because it is entertaining. Coming back to the story, it is as natural as possible. One would be surprised to know there is neither a single duet song between Yogish and Ramya nor any running around the trees track in Sidlingu. The director has tried to keep the things simple that makes it an attractive romantic-drama.

    Yogish is hunky-dory and the role fits him well. He shines with his natural way of delivering dialogues. The actor's dances and body language are also good. Clad in saree, Ramya looks simple yet brings out a required natural factor to her character. Without much make-ups, the Golden Girl impresses the audience. Suman Ranganathan, who is an ever green actress, justifies her character in her very limited role. The remaining cast like KP Sridhar, Girija Lokesh and Achyuth Kumar are good.

    Technically, Different Danny's stunts, though there are only two fights, are praise worthy. Sugnan's cinematography is excellent and Anoop Seelin's three songs like 'Chombo chombu...', 'Ellello oduva manase...', and 'Achachhu beladachhu...', are wonderful. Especially, the background score in the first half should be applauded.

    On the flip side, after keeping the momentum in the story throughout, the director seems to have lost control in the climax. The final part is not convincing and he has wrapped it up in a hurry. Other drawback of the film is that the bold dialogues would be an untouchable part for a section of the audience.

    Verdict: Sidlingu has an engaging story and good humour. Worth a watch.

    Cast: Yogish, Ramya, Suman Ranganathan, KP Sridhar, Girija Lokesh, Achyuth Kumar and others.
    Director: Vijayprasad
    Music: Anoop Seelin
    Editor: Udayaravi Hegde and Akshay P Rao
    Producer: TP Siddaraju
    Released on: January 13, 2012

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