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Andar Bahar Review

By: Rajendra Chintamani
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Shivaraj Kumar's series of movies in the recent years have failed to impress audience. His much-hyped movies like Prem's Jogayya and Om Prakash Rao's Shiva too could not live up to people's expectations. The actor, who is undoubtedly due for a big hit, is back with his latest flick Andar Bahar.

Andar Bahar, with its trailers and promotional videos, has drawn his fans attention. Especially, the film has attracted Shivanna's core mass fan following. He has teamed up with Parvathi Menon of Milana fame, and Oscar Award winner Vijay Prakash's music is yet another attraction of the film. Will this movie give the Century Hero a much-needed break? Read on for the review to know...

The movie has family sentiments, mind-blowing action sequences for mass, and a strong story to impress class audience. But the only worrisome factor is the length of the film! After a long time, Shivaraj Kumar has acted in a heart-touching character. His co-star Parvathi Menon is equally brilliant.

It is the tale of an underworld don's andar bahar story. After wedding, the husband follows the tradition of showing the Arundhti nakshatra to his wife but the star is not visible at night! The relationship of the husband and wife begins with a lie, yet it helps their bond to grow. The concept of the story is that a marriage would survive only when the couple understands each other well.

The film also throws light on live-in relationship and relationship after marriage. Director Phaneesh has narrated the inner and outer world of don Surya played by Shivaraj Kumar. He tells the story with a few twists, which makes the film interesting. While the first half is designed keeping Shivanna's fans in mind, the second part is emotional content. Continue reading the review on the slideshow...

Shivanna In Pic

Unlike Shivanna's regular mass films, Andar Bahar is high on emotions, which will definitely work well with class and family audience. Parvathi Menon's performance reminds us of Milana starring Puneet Rajkumar.

Shivaana And Paravthi In Pic

Shashi Kumar will be seen in the role of a police officer. Srujan Lokesh has a limited role, remaining cast like Raghuram, Arundhati Nag, Srinath and others have done complete justice to their roles. Shivaana is brilliant in acting as well as action sequences.

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Vijay Prakash's music is melodious and Shekar Chandra's cinematography is brilliant. Thriller Manju's stunts, as always, is excellent. However, MS Ramesh gets maximum marks for his outstanding one-liners.

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Last but not least, Phaneesh S Ramanathapura should be patted on his back for coming up with a story with all the necessary ingredients of the film. But the director could have got more marks had he reduced the length of the film, as it is boring at parts.

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Verdict: Andar Bahar is for both mass and class audience.

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