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Auto Raja Review

By: Prasad Naik
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Before getting into the review, let's recall the memories left by late Shankar Nag in brief. The multifaceted star was not just an actor, but an icon for many. Notably for auto drivers because of his superhit movie Auto Raja, which was released in 80s.

The love of auto drivers is evident when we see the auto stands named after Shankar Nag and witness auto drivers flaunting their affection for the late actor by mounting large posters of him in their auto's interiors. Well, they worship him even today.

After three decades, the Auto Raja title, which won the fan following of huge number of auto drivers for Shankar Nag, is being used for Ganesh, Bhama and Deepika Kamaiah starrer movie. Has the film lived up to audience expectations? Find it in the review...

First things first. The Ganesh starrer Auto Raja is not a remake of the yesteryear Kannada movie. But Shankar's voice will be heard everywhere. In fact, the voice has been wonderfully used by the makers of the movie to inspire and to add value to their product.

Auto driver Raja (Ganesh) is sincere and honest man. There are superstitious people, who believe that if a cat crosses your way from right to left, then that would bring bad luck to them. In case of Raja, he falls in love with a village bella Radha (Bhama).

At this juncture, situation makes Raja to take up a challenge thrown by a radio jockey (Deepika Kamaiah) to speak with its listeners. With his Shankar Nag's imitation, he wins people's heart. As the story progress, we can find several twists. Continue reading the review on the slideshow...

Story Continues

Raja is in love with Radha, but she wishes to have radio jockey Shankar as her life partner. On the other end, Deepika Kamaiah starts liking Raja. Meanwhile, we are told that goons are chasing Radha and they want to have her blue film. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

Shankar Nag Memories

Firstly, we should appreciate newcomer Uday Prakash's courage to remake a superhit movie. With dialogues, he brings back the memories of Shankar Nag. But will those one-liners have positive effect on audience? I doubt!

Screenplay Fails

The screenplay is not up to the mark. The film is not a pure romantic story or about Shankar Nag. The screenplay is dragging in the second half. However, the climax is different and Ganesh's characterisation is brilliant.

Ganesh Is At His Best

Ganesh has pulled off the famous role with ease. His imitation of the yesteryear actor is simply amazing. His co-star Bhama looks good most of times except in the item number.


Verdict: Ganesh and Shankar Nag's fans will enjoy the film.

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