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Lakshmi Movie Review

By: Prakash Upadhyaya
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Shivaraj Kumar is yet to give a big hit since a long time. His most awaited movies in the recent years like Jogayya, Shiva and Thammasu did not live up to the expectations of audience. His new hope Lakshmi with Raghava Loki has also garnered attention, as their earlier film Satya in Love was a moderate hit.

It's been two years in the making of Lakshmi and it is billed as an action-suspense thriller, which also has Priyamani in the female lead role. The budget of the film has crossed Rs 8 crore and it is obvious that the expectations are also high from this Kannada film. Will it give a big break to much-deserving Shivanna? Read on for the review...

Lakshmi Narayana alias Lakshmi is a ruthless CBI officer. The film begins with the hero kidnapping an internationally-renowned dancer Akriti. While cops led by Ravi Kaale capture Lakshmi, they are not aware of his true identity and assume that the kidnapper is being protected by powerful people. Little do they know that he has abducted a terrorist to find clues about his missing wife Priya aka Reshma (Priyamani) and it is believed that she cheated him and left with an underworld don.

As he finds the culprits one after another, he gets an anonymous call that makes him to come to Hong Kong. His mission is clear - find his wife and kill her along with the kingpin. How he finds his wife? What role does his wife play in the film? Answers to these questions will form the crux of the story.

The film is basically a suspense-thriller which unfolds with a lot of actions. The story is told with a few flashbacks that work out well for Lakshmi. While the first half could have been better, the second half is interesting except the climax. Continue reading review on the slideshow...

Lakshmi Review

Raghav Loki has tried to blend Western and our regular mass elements to bring out something different. He successfully manages to keep the suspense all through the film and makes it interesting with some well-written thrilling moments. The first half builds the tempo and the second half unleashes one by one.

Lakshmi Review

The director loses grip over the screenplay on several occasions. Firstly, the director tries to bring in all the masala elements into the picture that play the spoilsport. There are unnecessary scenes, if chopped out of the film, could add value. And also a few song placements bring in boring moments. Last but not least, the climax and the penultimate scene are disappointing.

Lakshmi Review

Performance wise, Shivaraj Kumar, undoubtedly, has proved again that he gives his best. His acting, dancing and actions are good. His co-star Priyamani is apt and she plays an important role in story narration. And she is glamorous too. Saloni Aswani, Rangayana Raghu and Ravi Kale's roles okay. Rest others are wasted.

Lakshmi Review

Technically, two songs composed by Gurukiran are good. His background is praiseworthy and KS Chandrashekar's cinematography shines at parts. Director Raghava Loki, despite drawbacks, has to be praised for attempting something new.

Lakshmi Review

Verdict: The strengths of Lakshmi is the suspense part and action sequences. If the film is reduced by another 15 odd minutes of length, it could work big time.

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