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Silk Sakkath Hot Review

By: Rajendra Chintamani
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Veena Malik's much-anticipated movie Silk Sakkath Hot, which has been in the news from the day it was announced, has come before the audience today (August 2). The movie was supposed to hit the screens a few months ago, but it got delayed for one or the other reason.

The USP of Silk Sakkath Hot is nothing but Veena Malik. The Pakistani actress' presence in the movie has drawn a huge attention from audience and media. And not to forget her bold intimate scenes and colourful costumes, which have taken the mass by storm.

Well, Pakistani girl Veena Malik came to India to make a career in Bollywood and when the offers did not come her way to her expectations, she decided to take a plunge into South films. As a result, the hot and happening actress is before Sandalwood audience. Will she get a much-awaited break? Find it in the review...

Silk Sakkath Hot completely banks on Veena Malik and her glam quotient. Director Trishul has left no stone unturned to take best out of the actress. Be it her acting or skin show, the director has made her to give her best to whatever she has done in the movie.

The film is about a village bella named Vijaya Lakshmi, who becomes Silk. A man promises to make her an actress, but pushes her to prostitution. Ammani (Sana) runs a brothel and she rechristens Vijaya as Silk. On the other end, situation makes Shiva (Akshay) take up wrong ways for survival.

As expected, they fall in love and Shiva is shocked when he comes to know about her profession. But they change themselves to lead a normal-happy life. However, his rivals kill Shiva. What happens next forms the crux of the story. Continue reading the review of Silk Sakkath Hot in the slideshow...

Good Subject, Bad Screenplay

Trishul has taken up a good subject, but the screenplay fails big time. The importance that he has given for shooting songs could have also been given to the narration part.

Veena Malik Does One-man Show

Veena Malik has done a one-man show. Probably, on Kannada screen, no actress has shed so much of clothes. Her skimpy costumes are feast to the masses.

Veena Malik Looks Sexy

Veena Malik is very sexy in songs. Even there are parts where she has shed all her inhibitions to do justice to her role.

Others Performance

Her co-star Akshay, who is a newcomer, is decent in his role. Srinivasa Murthy, Sadhu Kokila, Achuth Kumar, Sana and others have played their parts well.

Technical Departments

Technically, Jassie Gift's two songs and background score are good, Jai Anand's cinematography is brilliant, but Nagendra Urs' editing would have been a lot better.


Silk Sakkath Hot has a strong message. The climax brings tears and raises many questions. Veena Malik's skin shows and decent storyline are the highlights of the movie.

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