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Sweety - Movie Review

By: Sandesh MS
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Glamorous queen Radhika, who had made a comeback to film industry as a producer with the movie Lucky, has now produced Sweety Nanna Jodi under her home banner Shamika Enterprises. Sandalwood's much anticipated movie Sweety Nanna Jodi stars Radhika Kumaraswamy and Aditya in the lead roles.

Sweety has brought back Radhika Kumarswamy on silver screen after five years. The actress was last seen in Navashakthi Vaibhava, which was released in 2008.

Sweety Nanna Jodi deals with the story of middle class girl Priya (Radhika), who hates rich people for their attitude. Siddharth (Aditya) plays the role of multi-millionare, who will be very affectionate towards his mother (Ramya Krishna). His mother will be separated from her husband (Jai Jagadeesh). Ramya Krishna will be more concerned about her prestige in the society and gives value only for money.

Siddharth falls in love at first sight with Priya. When he comes to know that Priya hates rich people he portrays himself as a poor guy, and wins her heart. Ramya Krishna, who gets to know the status of Priya, tries to separate her from Siddharth, without her son's knowledge.

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Priya, A Modern Daughter-In-Law

Priya, who was seen as a helpless daughter-in-law in Tavarige Ba Tangi and Anna Tangi, plays the role of modern daughter-in-law in the movie. When Priya comes to know her mother-in-law's intentions, she fights back.

Feminist Movie

Sweety Nanna Jodi is another feminist movie of Radhika like her earlier films. The main theme of Sweety is the tug-of-war between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.


Aditya has played the role of a helpless man, who gets caught in between the catfight of his mother and love (Priya). His performance in the film is commendable.


Radhika is seen as a modern girl. This movie comes to her as a big break as she has proved that she is still young enough to play the female lead in Kannada movies.

Ramya Krishna

Sweety Nanna Jodi is also a comeback for Ramya Krishna to the Kannada industry. Though she looks equally glamour to Radhika, her role as an antagonist mother-in-law is awesome.


Jayadev fills the Comedy space. He has to still improve his comedy timing as it is not up to the mark. Though Sadhu Kokila is seen in cameo role, he is successful enough to make audience laugh.

Supporting Roles

The movie is filled with talented supporting roles: Girish Karnad, Umashree, Tabala Naani, Jai Jagadeesh and Sharath Lohitashwa.


Arjun Janya, who understands the pulse of the modern audience, has scored the music to all the class of society. The title track 'Sweety sweety' is our pick.


Vijaylakshmi Singh is not only successful in giving comeback to Radhika, but also for Ramya Krishna with the movie. The influence of her brother Rajendra Singh Babu is seen on sister's direction.


Sweety Nanna Jodi is another feminist movie with Vijay Lakshmi Singh's direction. The audience will not be disappointed because it is filled with two glamorous queens - Radhika Kumarswamy and Ramya Krishna. It is one time watchable.

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