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      Ambareesha Review: Darshan & Priyamani Save The Day


      There is a saying; 'All it takes is one man's will to change the course of history.' Because in this will is embedded the desire of that man to stand out and be an example, a beacon of hope for people who are oppressed. But can a single man change the destiny of thousands. Time and again history has provided us rich examples of such exemplary people. Ambareesha tells us the story of two such people.

      Viewer's Review on AmbareeshaViewer's Review on Ambareesha

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      After huge expectations, Darshan's Ambareesha is finally rolled out to the theatres. The fans had to wait for almost 3 months to watch their favorite hero in action. With such high expectations, one would expect the director to deliver a stunning masterpiece of a movie. But it seems like director Mahesh Sukhadare has failed to be the man of the hour.

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      Ambarbeesha is the story of a rebel. A rebel who cannot take the injustice in the world with his face down. Darshan is a simple guy from the village who comes to city to earn a livelihood. Rachita Ram is his love interest. He works for the company that is owned by Smitha's (Priyamani) family. Smitha is a arrogant girl who takes over the company.

      Working for the construction company, Darshan realizes how a land mafia is covertly grabbing land from unsuspecting people. He decides to fight against this people. In the backdrop is the story of Nadaprabhu Kempe Gowda. The movie narrates how Kempe Gowda envisioned Bengaluru to be a city for everyone. The background provides us the perspective as to what Bengaluru was destined to be, but what it has turned out as.

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      Darshan gets into the skin of a mass hero with a rebellious attitude with no qualms. He dominates the screen with his presence and rightly so. His chemistry with Rachita Ram is spot on. They carry forward the magic of Bulbul to this movie. Rebel star Ambareesh does make a perfect cast for the role of Kempe Gowda. But insufficient screen presence will play a spoil sport to the viewers.

      The dark horse of the movie is Priyamani. As a character with grey shades, she is just terrific. There are times when she has managed to challenge the screen presence of Darshan. Her chemistry with Darshan is a treat to watch.

      The dialogues in the movie will get some applause from the front row. But the movie is not about dialogues. Screenplay and script are equally important. While the script of the movie is good, screenplay in the first half is average and the second half becomes a drag. While the songs aren't bad, they will make the viewers more impatient. The comedy in the movie by Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash is spot on. Mahesh Sukhadare has failed to encash on a good script. Darshan and Priyamani are probably the only saving grace in the movie.

      Ambareesha promises to be a high-octane entertainer, but turns out to be a damp squib. Watch it for Darshan and Priyamani's terrific performance.

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