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Uppi 2 Movie Review: Live In The Present For A Good Future!

By: Veena N
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Director: Upendra

Producer: Priyanka Upendra, Sudhindra Kumar and Upendra

Casting: Upendra, Kristina Akheeva, Parul Yadav, Satyajith, Shayaji Shinde, Bank Janardhan, Shobhraj and others. 

Upendra's much awaited movie Uppi 2 has released all over Karnataka. The movie is screening housefull in all the theatres in Namma Bengaluru. The sequel to earlier movie Upendra(1999) stars Upendra, Kristina Akheeva and Parul Yadav in the lead roles.

Read the review below.. 

Uppi 2 Story: 

The movie starts with the ending titles on the big screens. While the audience get confused, there starts the title of Uppi 2 sung by Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar. Uppi 2 is a story about Naanu and Neenu. Both the roles have been played by Upendra himself.  

Neenu is the man without  the thoughts about his future. This unique behaviour of him attracts everyone around him including heroine Lakshmi(Kristina Akheeva) who is a psychology student. The twist in the saga is when Neenu is been chased by the underworld dons and local rowdies.

There is a complete chain between Neenu, Lakshmi, and these underworld dons in the story. Along with these underworld dons, Kushi(Parul Yadav) and Police Officers also chase Neenu. 

Is Naanu is Neenu? What's the ending. To this watch the movie in the theatres. 

Cast Performace: 

Upendra is the show man of the movie. Though Parul Yadav comes on goes, she is very sizzling on the screen with Real Star Upendra, especially in the song 'Beku Beku Anno Bekupane Naanu'.

Australian based actress Kristina Akheeva has made her debut to Sandalwood and she has given completes justice to her role. Satyajith, Shayaji Shinde, Bank Janardhan, Shobhraj, Mimicry Dayanand are good supporting actors in the movie. 

Techinical Aspects: 

This is an ultimate Upendra's movie. Real Star leave the audience confusing, even after the movie ends. Script shifts to one place to another. To know the screenplay, you guys have to watch this brilliant feast by a Kannada director cum actor. 


Uppi 2 songs are super-duper hit even before the movie release. If we go back, Upendra's 'No Excuse Me Please' song created huge controversy between Jaggesh and Upendra's fans in social networking sites. But, the songs all the songs are visual treat. Audience will enjoy all the songs in the movie. 


Uppi 2 depicts a masterly message to the audience to live in the present for a good future. Present is the outcome of past and living happily without ego, lust, arrogance and pride will fetch a happy and fruitful life. 

Real Star Upendra!

Uppi 2, the sequel of earlier movie of Upendra. Final Verdict: It is a masterly story by director-actor Upendra. He is the show man of the movie.

The Lead Pair!

For the first time Upendra has paired up Australian based model Kristina Akheeva in Uppi 2. Though the actresses link sink could have been better, Kristina acts well as Lakshmi in the movie.

Neenu And Lakshmi

Lakshmi falls in love with Neenu for his unique behaviour. Neenu(Upendra) is seen a comman man who has no thoughts about future.

Upendra As Naanu And Neenu

The concept of Past, Present and Future of every man builds of the complete story of Uppi 2. Upendra is seen as a common man in the first half. His role in second half, is too difficult to put it in a sentence. Watch the movie to know..


In every human being there is one inner self which wishes for fantasy in life. This is the concept shown in Uppi 2 by Upendra and he has named it 'Naanu'.

A Complete Mind Game!

Uppi 2 keeps the audience confused through-out the movie and after the movie. There are heard talks about Uppi 3 in Gandhinagara! Let's wait.

The Theme Of Happy Living!

The main theme of the Uppi 2 is to live in the present, not to worry about future. Upendra has went one step forward to enjoy the present(Uppittu) for a better future.

Naanu's Desires For Lust!

Both Naanu and Neenu is portaryed by Real Star Upendra. He really needs an bunch full of appreciation for this masterpiece in KFI. The movie to change thoughts of a common man.

Upendra's Uppi 2!

Once again with Uppi 2, Upendra has proved himself as a maverick director-actor of KFI.

Watch It Without Expectaion!

To my readers, enjoy Uppi 2 without expectations. Upendra is declared as an excellent and maverick director of Sandalwood and remain to be same.

Upendra And Parul Yadav

Though Parul Yadav has less screen space, she steals the show. She is seen as a glam doll in the movie and Parul plays the charater of Kushi.

Ends With An Abrupt Ending!

Well, the most anticipated movie Uppi 2 ends with an abrupt ending. This has made the audience expect Uppi 3 ? Is Upendra planning for Uppi 3! Let's wait to know...

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