U Turn Movie Review

    By Malavika Avinash
    Star Cast: Shraddha Srinath, Roger Narayan, Dilip Raj, Radhika Narayan, Skanda
    Director: Pawan Kumar

    Director Pawan Kumar is back again with U-Turn. While Lucia surprised us with a distinctive plot, let us see what this movie has to offer.

    The movie stars Shraddha Srinath, Dilip Raj, Roger Narayan, Radhika Chethan and Skanda Ashok.

    U Turn Movie Review

    The first half hour of U-turn is so engaging that you grip the arm-rest hoping nothing untoward should happen to this rather simple, urban middle-class girl who thinks & speaks like you already have known her, very unlike a filmi heroine. And soon she seamlessly becomes the hero of the film, as the events around her begin to unravel.

    Honestly, when you walk in to watch a Kannada film, you know what to expect. But Pawan stuns you with something that's totally unexpected and remarkable.

    You have it all in one fulfilling package. A nail-biting thriller with a subtle-simple love story, moments where you recede into the sofa because you might guess the victim or the offender & then you move to the edge, with a pressing urge to know what will happen next, overpowering you.

    A Manoj Night Shyamalan kind of experience that lets you have the thrill of suspending your disbelief coupled with moments of illumination when you refuse to suspend & even convince yourself that you can't get led on to believing the silly supernatural, ghost.. But then, you do want the girl & the boy to be alright too...right till the end!

    Dilip Raj as the reporter delivers, while Shraddha Srinath makes an impressive debut.
    Roger Narayan's performance as a police officer is also worth mentioning.

    The music, set-design and photography underscore Pawan's brilliance as a writer & director.

    Even a passing thought like perhaps it could be shorter or as the picky inside of you screams...Oh wait wait, is some logic missing there? Or that actor inside you saying, some of the male actors could have been better?

    Pawan slams you with worst Indian urban cultural reality of traffic rule-breaking! The multiple layered message bearing narrative compels you into an introspection of how many such traffic crimes, you would have committed or abetted.


    If Pawan Kumar arrived with Lucia, he has travelled a meteoric cinematic distance with U-turn. The movie is a must watch!

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