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      Matte Udbhava Movie Review: Pramod’s Film Manages To Entertain The Audiences ‘Again’


      Star Cast: Pramod, Milana Nagaraj, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash
      Director: Kodlu Ramakrishna

      The continuation of the 1990’s super hit movie Udbhava had managed to generate a lot of curiosity amongst the audiences. The new movie has lived up to the expectations of the fans whilst offering generous dollops of entertainment.

      Matte Udbhava

      The Miracles Of Lord Ganesha Continues

      The emergence of an idol of Lord Ganesha and its miraculous appearance marks the continuation of the interesting saga. This serves as the crux of the freshly minted sequel helmed by Kodlu Ramakrishna. The entire story again revolves around the idol with the temple priest (Rangayana Raghu) and his son (Pramod) using the 'miracle’ to con people and many influential folks. The debate that ensues if it really is a miracle or a man-made phenomenon is what manages to grab the audiences’ attention. The tale filled with many twists and turns keep one at the edge of their seats and serves as a good reason to catch the movie in the theatres.

      Matte Udbhava

      Inspiration From The Real World

      The movie brings to fore a number of issues that seem to be inspired by real-life instances and stories. A minister storing his money at the ashram, a godman getting caught whilst engaging in lustful activities, an actress landing up in politics by chance, a builder signing a deal to construct a mall and many more news stories from the recent past are incorporated in its enjoyable screenplay.

      Matte Udbhava

      Pramod Delivers A Noteworthy Performance

      Pramod who was previously seen in a guy-next-door avatar has managed to deliver a noteworthy performance. The young actor holds his own as Ganesh in the movie. Be it comedy, expression, fights, and dance, he has done justice to each of the aspects wonderfully.

      The Talented Ensemble Is In Top Notch Form

      Each and every character in the film is well etched and has been given prominence and respect in the story. Reprising the role previously played Anant Nag, Rangayana Raghu shines as the temple priest in an exemplary performance. The dynamic between Raghu and Pramod as the father-son sun duo is a major plus point of the movie. Actress Milana Nagaraj and Avinash as the politician too have delivered able performances.

      Matte Udbhava


      Ace filmmaker Kodlu Ramakrishna has succeeded in keeping the interest of the audience intact from the beginning up until the climax of the film. However, the narrative does lose its grip on logic in a few places. And, barring a few continuity issues, the director has managed to deliver on all counts.

      Matte Udbhava


      Not just entertainment, the movie also successfully drives home important messages about religion, blind beliefs, politics, and corruption. The film has made an honest effort to enlighten the audiences about relevant social issues prevalent in our society. Just like its predecessor, Matte Udbhava is an extremely well made and entertaining. The movie is a wonderful pick for the cinema-going audiences this week.

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