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    2013-10-07 02:09:10
    Experiencing 3G
    The success of a movie depends on the experience of the viewer. Universal definitions of ideal cinema don’t gratify the public acceptance. The art always depends on the beauty, same as with the cinema. The newly released Malayalam movie 3G, directed by Jayaprakash, has accepted the change in the industry along with a sense of social responsibility. It’s not only a simple story of three young police men, but also their challenge to survive with the consciousness of justice. The interesting elements like the confusions in SI selection move along with the story till the end.
    The lost poetry in Malayalam movie songs has reverted through the songs in 3G. Mohan Sithara composes music for the lines by Rafeeq Ahmed, Murukan Kattakkada, and Engandiyoor Chandrasekharan. The poetic sense in the songs take us back to the beauty of eternal past.
    This movie is for sure going rupture the presumptions about the success of a cinema, like the necessity of common fight sequences, suspense, stardom etc....
    John, Mehul, Arun and Vidya Unni are cast in the key roles. Saikumar, Devan, Ramu, Irshad, Kalinga Sasi, Sukumari, Archana, Krishnaprabha include the supporting cast.
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