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    Usman 2015-01-01 20:36:56
    This movie is within logic,you are sure to have a enjoyable time.Arjun is a little disappointment.Avantika essays her role with immense confidence, she has traversed a long way from her usual acting in her first movie.Go with your family to watch the movie & have fun
    Lakshmi 2014-12-30 17:27:07
    Wow a decnt movie watched with family director did well, actors arjun & avanthika took the movie they acted very well.
    Muhammed 2014-12-29 17:39:55
    Inna oru manikya nyaan 8:20 movie kandu ippol arani veettil athi. Oru karyam paryanam toni adonda ezhuthanada ellavarum ee movie kannanam.Nalla story aanu,oru vityastha katha, nalla direction, arjun nde acting nallada aana, pakshe avanthika arjune kadathi vetti, randa verum kasarthitunda pakshe innikya avanthika yude acting vallare adhikam ishtam aayi.uppa yude role cheyida Vijay raghavan nannayitta abhinayichtunda, pattu nannayi valleri romantic aanu
    Amita 2014-12-29 10:03:12
    Loved this movie 8:20 there was a kind of power which made us sit in the theater for two hrs. It was a movie where love magic was there but with a thrilling climax.Surely the director Shyam has directed his first movie but it didnt show it was like a experienced person & which showed when he selected Avantika as an actress loved her acting and beauty too ,then comes Arjun he is not his perfect choice but yes he also performed there were certain times when I thought he is doing good but there are scenes where he was losing his character, then Vijay Raghavan was selected a perfect father figure but had very little to do cant blame thats what the story is all about, bijukuttan & his friends were comedians so we don't have options now about songs two songs same but sung by two different singers one by legend Sonu Nigam which was perfect,the same lyrics again sung by nishad was equally good, college campus song was just like a campus needed, druken song which was not needed as it gave negative marks, the dresses both hero & heroine wore was quite impressive. They even looked good pair at certain scenes.The climax was very different so director did his job almost well, the verdict of this movie will be pls watch this movie & promote the youngsters who tried to dare do a film without superstars
    Reji 2014-12-28 09:23:05
    I am not a critic but I will say one or two things about the movie.I liked the movie story is little complicated but good.Direction as a new comer did well.Arjun as a hero did look good at some place but looked horrible at some point like when he knows its a dream and he is inside the washroom that expression was horrible, he could have done better, the bar song he did bad, heroine Avantika looked beautiful and she has done her best she looked naughty in the second half smiling and first half she was very irritating as per her role demanded and she did pretty well the spitting scene by appupan was good.Vijay raghavan a small for him he was a strong character in acting.Biju kuttan was over at some place but was good at some, thoomanjil song was very romantic and very soothing, campus song had nice dancing steps, last song was very sexy and I dont know why that song was kept at the end its a nice song, the bar song should have been avoided no one in that song acted as drunk.Surely this movie has to be watched nice camera work.I will say please promote new comers its a movie where we will not have time to think.
    Shrikanth 2014-12-27 16:02:36
    This movie doesn't need a review but as the actors, director both r new comers I think so to let people know that there is a movie in theaters which everyone should watch, heart touching scenes, melodious song by Shri Sonu nigam, I think its his first malayalam song.Actors are good, hero has put little energy in his work but heroine has compensated she did a fabulous job, nice script and very well cordinated by the director, one suggestion would be if ending climax would have been a little different then this movie will be super hit. When I saw the movie I was very much impressed as it's a fast movie before we blink the movie was over
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