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Adam Joan




2 hrs 16 mins

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136 Ratings

Release Date

01 Sep 2017


Adam Joan is a malayalam romantic-comedy movie from the director Jinu Abraham. The movie stars Prithviraj and Bhavana in lead roles.  Adam Joan revolves ...
  • Giridharan Nappanveettil 2weeks ago

    After Esra this is the second movie of this nature by Prithiviraj and thanks to him we have a different type of movie so far not seen in Malayalam.Certainly its not meant for the average Malayalam movie goer, but that apart if you are willing to sit for a while it will make you sit till the end.Devil worship in Scotland is totally an alien subject and the director has done enough background work to put it across the celluloid ,and there can't be a better place than Scotland with its eerie castles,Gothic buildings and wild shrubs , narrow winding roads to tell the story.Photography is definitely a plus point of the narration with the cameraman knowing exactly what the director wants. The movie is slow paced to begin with,but picks momentum as it winds along. The climax scenes are little overdrawn, bordering on absurdity at times( the number of stabs and hits the hero is having and still manages to overpower the villain - a Rajani heroics), but the overall impact is not lost. The characters are well etched though we wonder what they do for a living in Scotland. Its out and out a Prithvi movie - he looks thin and handsome ,emotes well and bring vigour in the fighting scenes.Mishty chakraborty ,the debutant looks beautiful as a wild flower,has nothing much to do except look beautiful. Rahul varma as brother and Bhavana as his wife does their part well and Narain, as friend of Prithvi ( a return for him in Malayalam movie) fits well with the narrative.Bijubal tunes are slow paced but fits well with the narration and the number by Prithvi himself is really soulful and lingers with one for a long time. It could be a new movie experience for many in vernacular,and it certainly matches many such Hollywood movies of similar theme. With subtitles this could certainly compete for a wider audience than Malayalees.

  • Giridharan Nappanveettil 2weeks ago

    Its second movie of this nature by Prithviraj after Esra. Set in Scotland the movie takes sometime to set the theme,and once the all the cards on table,it maintains its speed till the climax.The theme of devil worship in Scotland is likely to be something new for the Kerala audience,and certainly not the cup of tea for ordinary movie goers.It has the intensity of a hollywood thriller,and the locales aptly fit the frame ,thanks to the excellent photography.The characters are well etched,though we are at loss to understand the nature of job of these people in scotland.The climax was little overdrawn and borders on impossibility at times( the hero being hit and bled so many times,and still manages to finish the villains) and could have been done better.Prithvi looks thin and handsome,with Mishti chakraborty( a debutant) an ideal foil to the hero, though she has nothing much to do except to look beautiful.Narain as Prithvi's friend makes a comeback to Malayalam movies after a while, and jells with Prithvi well.Bhavna and Rahul Madhav as brother and sister in law fits well with the narrative and Lena as their family friend does justice to her role. Its all in all a Prithvi movie ( he even sings a sad number well tuned by Bijubel) and he carries himself well emotional scenes where he deliberately underplays. A different movie which is not scene normally in Malayalam and could appeal to a wider audience beyond Kerala.

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