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    2010-10-18 12:09:33
    The movie starts with the visuals of Coimbatore bomb blast and the arrest of Babu Sait(Lal) is one of the prime suspect behind a bomb blast case.Stalin Manimaran(Prakash Raj) is an ATS officer in charge of the investigation.Anwar(Pritvhi) who is arrested for Hawala case he is allso in the same jail.Anwar and Seth bond during their impresonment and they join hands when released. Seth persuades Anwar to join his group and together, they unleash a series of terror activities in Kochi. Finaly the investigating officer Manimaran and the young turk Anwar comes face to face, forms the rest of the story.
    The movie handeled an extremely serious issue of terrorism. Lal's charecter draws parallels with a real life extremist leader, and a major turning point in the movie is a true incident in which he was allegedly involved. Anwar becomes too much of a pro-terrorist movie in its etire first half , where nothing is said or done against it. Only towards the end of the movie. The movie is telling somthing about terrorism, but that doesnt create the required impact,
    Prithviraj is excellent as Anwar.Prakash Raj is great as usual. Mamta was done her role very well. Salim Kumar was provide some good comic relief. The Story is better than Amal's previose films another highlite of the movie is music Gopi Sundar Created an impressive soul of the movie totaly it is an action packed powerful movie
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