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15 Feb 2013
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Celluloid, directed by Kamal is undoubtedly one of the best films to be released in he Malayalam film industry. The film, based on the life of J. C. Daniel (considered as the father of Malayalam film industry) moves, touches and pulls you closer to the characters. You start identifying with the pain of the protagonists. Infact, we are sure you will not walk out of the theatre without tears in your eyes. Though Celluloid is an emotional film, it does not come under the list of 'art cinema'. Kamal makes sure that there is plenty of entertaining moments. The movie is the most befitting tribute to Jivanayakam Cyril Daniel and is based on the novel written by Chelangatt Gopalakrishnan. Also, hats off to director Kamal for his sincere effort. He has also wonderfully maintained the look and feel of the 30's and 60's and 70's. Even the problems and humiliations that a woman (especially from the lower strata of the society) in those days had to face is depicted very convincingly through the character of P. K. Rosie, Malayalam film industry's first ever heroine. Music by M. Jayachandran is very captivating and melodious. Story Celluloid covers the life of J. C. Daniel, the pioneer of Malayalam film industry and his wife Janet, played by Mamta Mohandas. It also looks takes a look into the life of P K Rosy. The movie begins with J.C. Daniel's (Prithviraj) entry in a Classic canvas of 1920's. Celluloid tries to tell the audience the reason why Daniel and Rosy were disregarded and isolated from both life and cinema. Performances Prithviraj undoubtedly steals the show with his brilliant performance. He looks, talks and behaves like J.C. Daniel. Infact, Prithviraj has all the chance to win all the leading awards this year for this performance. Chandni, who has debuted with this film seems very promising and has done justice to her role. Mamta Mohandas, Sreenivasan and all other actors have acted very well. The film is an attempt to identify how and why Daniel and Rosy were disregarded by and isolated from both life and cinema and thus pay penance to the cruelty meted out to them by the Malayalam film industry. Verdict Watch Kamal's Celluloid to live the live of a man who lived and breathed cinema.

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