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Crocodile Love Story

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19 Jul 2013
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Crocodile Love Story tells the story about a B Tech dropout Kiran (Praveen Prem), who falls in love with his childhood friend Nithya (Avanthika Mohan). The girl's parents do not like the relationship with the boy's job, looks, financial status, family, etc., being cited as the reasons. Both of them struggle to find some time and space. 

The story moves on as the couple happen to get stranded in a remote island. There they happen to meet a crocodile, who keeps vigilant, ready to pounce upon them at any moment. This gives the film the strange name Crocodile Love Story. How the couple attempt to escape from the island keeps the story going.

Manikuttan played the role of Praveen's friend in the film. The role portrayed by Kalabhavan Mani was also good.

Except the crocodile, the movie had nothing novel in it. The experiment with an animated crocodile was much appreciable, but even that too was too mettle to make the movie interesting.

The onscreen chemistry between the leads were not good. They did not share that love, which was supposed to be the movie thread.

All the supporting characters have done justice to their roles. Cinematography by Praveen Panicker and music by Arun Sidharth has paid justice to the story.

The movie seems to be too lengthy and is lagging at some places. The climax did not give any impact to the audience as it never looked enticing. The movie has nothing special in it, except the crocodile. The leads did not have much role to enact, when compared to the other characters in the film.

Crocodile Love Story is a movie that can be just watched. Except the invention of crocodile, the director has failed to accomplish his first venture. A dragging movie. Do not accept too much.

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