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08 Apr 2010
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Janakan, the movie has been able to create a different atmosphere altogether but the emphasis to the storyline drops as more importance is shown to highlight the heroes. The director of the film, N R Sanjeevan, has tried out in experimenting a new theme. But somewhere we feel the story focus is somewhere.

Now Viswanathan (Suresh Gopi), Monayi (Biju Menon) and Palani (Harisree Asokan) flee from the cops. After facing several obstacles, they manage to reach out to Sooryanarayanan (Mohanlal), an ace lawyer. They narrate their tragic and pathetic story to Sooryanarayan. Viswanathan's teenage daughter was brutally raped and murdered by a gang consisting of a highly rich and powerful businessman, a cop and a young DJ. The desperate father seek justice but Viswanathan was denied the needed justice. Angry father decides to revenge upon the trio who murdered his daughter. He, with the help of the other two kills the trio. Hearing the story Sooryanarayan decides to help them.

Prima face one will understand the story is handled in a conventional way. There are many similar instances portrayed in many films earlier in the industry. The cameo role played by Mohanlal with his rather counter dialogues is quite impressive and needs an applause. Now the story is all about a father fighting for the justice for his daughter. The father- daughter relation and the love bond is neglected. Hardly any emotion is executed in that point of view. Kaveri plays the role of wife to Suresh Gopi. He looks good in his role and the role portrayed by him in the film is somewhat similar to the one played by Pasupathy in Vairam.

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