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Ladies And Gentleman


Audience Review

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12 Apr 2013
By : Anzifar

On : 2013-04-13 11:30:05

Ladies And Gentlemen! Rating 2/5

A very boring clicheic flick which will make you yawn throughout the film's running time. I have only some questions to ask.

Why the fuck Mohan Lal is a widower/divorcee in all his recent movies!

Why the hell Siddique did such a yawn maker attempt?

Who on their right mind would cast that robot faced dude as 'Sarath'?

Why malayalam films' stunt scenes still make the old lub-dub sounds?

Are all the malayalees dumb enough to think that what Mamtha Mohandas speaks is british english?

Is drinking and bad relationship state a trademark in Mohan Lal's present day roles?

And finally, why the heck was the movie titled Ladies and gentlemen! Is that because they did cast every female role in the movie with top malayalam actresses!

I'm deeply disappointed with this stooped to deep pit film. Go and watch this movie if you are fed up with either living your life or being a Mohan Lal fan.

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