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24 Feb 2012
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Sidharth Bharathan's 'Nidra' could very well qualify as a complicated mood piece that is passionately charged with raw emotions. It tells a daymare of a story in which the viewer is forced to indulge in a free fall plunge into a world where madness and mayhem collaborate with the most central of all human emotions - love.

When Aswathy (Rima Kallingal) decides to marry her childhood friend Raju (Sidharth Bharathan) much against her mother's wishes, she barely has an idea as to what lies in store. Raju has had a history of mental unsteadiness, and though it seems all serene to her initially, the inevitable collapse into doom soon sets in.

It isn't an effortless job sitting through a film like 'Nidra', since a film that tracks the eventual loss of sanity of a man who hopes to live a life on his own terms, simply cannot be an easy watch. The narrative is punctuated with several scenes that methodically leads to the dappled realm of insanity, and the descent of this young couple into the obscure world of mental instability is as much haunting as it is appalling.

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