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Audience Review

Release Date

26 Jul 2013
By : Radha

On : 2013-07-26 18:13:36

7 days of production work , no pre written dialogues , 35 scenesil 30 scenes inu cut illa [ chela shots il camera movements matram ] , based of real LIFE incident .. these are some of the specialties of one
Positives :
Direction [ kidilam.. nannayitu pedikkum .. and theatre inu purattu erangiyappam vera logathekku ettiyathu pole undayiurnnu.. that means I got much involved to the movie and 1st credit goes to Parthan chettan… graphics vazhi prethathe onnum kanichilla.. shadows vazhi ulla communication [ like in Hitchcock movies ] ellam nalla effective aayiurnnu
BGM [ vann horror feel and involvement tarum ]

rating: 3.5/5

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