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Sneha Veedu

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29 Sep 2011
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Sathyan Anthikkad's name is synonymous with melodrama and village as the backdrop. Snehaveedu, with Mohanlal essaying the lead male role is no different. The story of Snehaveedu is set against the background of village greenery and like all of Sathyan Anthikkad's previous films, the main characters are epitomes of virtue.

While the first half is intriguing and filled with suspense, director Sathyan Anthikkad lets you down completely in the second half as you are thoroughly disappointed with the way the mystery is solved.

Snehaveedu boasts of some well done and memorable emotional scenes though the melodrama and clichéd characters gets too much to handle at a point. Sathyan Anthikkad has tried to repeat the success formula of his previous films. However, this time, with a weak and confused script, the director is unable to strike the right chord.

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