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Sufi Paranja Katha

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19 Feb 2010
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Sufi Paranja Katha literally means What Sufi Has Said. The award winning director Priyanandan has once again proved that he has that element in him that force people to think. This movie Sufi Paranja Katha, from the title itself says its something related to religion. He has been very much successful in implementing his ideas and the audience seems to have grasped the message.

The story throws light on the impacts of a romance that goes beyond the walls of two religions and the tensions it creates. In an era when love-jihad and communalism are discussed so often, the film surprises with its significance in the society during the past, present and perhaps in future.

Karthi (Sharbani Mukherjee) belongs to the prestigious Meleppullara Tharavadu. Her birth in the family gave an alarm to the head of the family, the karnavar Sanku Mama (Thampy Anthony). Her horoscope lighted that her birth will bring one kind of impending changes to the family. This disturbed the whole family and especially Sanku Mama.

Karthi grew up to be a young , attractive and charming girl. In the meantime Maamootty (Prakash Bare), a Muslim, arrives to their place for doing business. Later Karthi and Maamootty falls in love and they elope.

Karthi finds very difficult to cope with the new life and finds it very hard to do away with her worshipping. So with the permission of her husband she builds a temple and starts worshiping there. There creates great havoc in their community as well as their place. Things goes out of hand for both of them and it becomes serious.

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